My Makies

Wren my first Makie to arrive.  Fun loving, travelling girl, who has already been to both New Zealand and Dallas, USA.  Her job is 'exploration'.
Tane Mahuta:  New Zealand Maori, struggling to acclimatise to life in England, wishing he was back 'Down Under'. Loves to wear his leather gear and drive his car.
April:  Mischievous & somewhat flirtatious, April enjoys keeping herself fit and healthy by doing yoga.
 Penelope Bluebell
 Peter Sinister:  A very hard guy to please!
 Brian:  Always cheerful and happy.
Parker:  Resident trainee vet  (Also the first Makie I ever designed.
 Blue:  Need I say more?

Trisha:  First Makie girl I ever designed.

Fred:  Investigator

 Velma - Investigator - part of the Scooby Gang



Dr Victor D'Ath:  A doctor of just what though is very uncertain!

The whole gang...

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