Sunday, 31 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January - A Month of Hazel Bleuette

A month of Hazel Bleuette.

Now the question is whether I do one doll for February, or different dolls?!

ADAD 2016 - January 31: Me

31: Me

Saying goodbye from Me, Hazel Bleuette

Saturday, 30 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January 30: Flat Lay

30: Flat Lay

Most of Hazel's wardrobe so far - just her nightgown and a couple of knitted dresses missing.

Friday, 29 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January 29: Home

29:  Home

Inside the Rose Cottage Hittys home, Hazel feels like a giant.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January 28: Smile

28: Smile

The sun always brings a smile to one's face.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Sewing Box for Hazel.

I'v been having fun working on a little sewing box for Hazel.

So far she has a needle holder, a pin cushion, two patterns, a sewing machine manual and some reels of cotton.

She is very much looking forward to learning how to sew!

ADAD 2016 - January 27: Telephone

27: Telephone

Hello, is anyone there?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January 26: Simplicity

26: Simplicity

Hazel has two Simplicity patterns in her sewing box.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Sunday, 24 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January 24: Window

24: Window

Sitting with a friend watching the world go by outside the window.

Thinking, Dolls & Photography

I think too much sometimes - it can be hard to switch the brain off - it wakes me in the early hours of the morning and all the various things that worry/bother me come into full swing.

I think dolls can become a serious addiction problem - especially when you are part of various groups and people are showing off (in a nice way) their new purchases etc... or you spot another doll you didn't know about, or hanker after.  Before you know it your resolutions and convictions have come crashing to the ground and you have added more dolls to your collection!  

This certainly happens to me.

Does it happen to you?

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to resist?   Especially in times of 'hurts, need, stress or worry'.  (I also wonder if it can be a form of depression that causes this.  Not full blown depression where you lose interest in everything, but the more insidious slightly below the surface form...that makes you search for something, but not sure what.)   This of course then goes on to form a vicious circle and if you are like me, you then worry about the fact you have spent money that could be better spent else where, or worse still, spent money that you don't really have to spend!

What happened to my 'no buying dolls in 2016, unless:

1.  on my wish list and 

2. have the funds to do so?!

I failed pretty much immediately!

In the course of 24 days I careered completely out of control and EIGHT dolls have arrived!  Not counting my little AI doll who was ordered at the very end of last year.  

This really is quite ridiculous!

How does one break this cycle I wonder?  

Quit all doll groups in order to resist the temptation?

No good saying I am strong enough to resist - it is quite obvious I am not!

But clearly something needs to be done!


Anyway, trying to force my focus elsewhere in the form of photography and dolls, I am going to do a serious of photographs 'Lost, Forgotten & Abandoned'

This was my first.  This one I took in colour and then changed in the photo editor.

This photo I shot in black and white.

This was the second I took a few days later, again using the black and white setting on my camera - interesting to note that unconsciously I placed both dolls down in pretty much a similar position - I hadn't intended on doing so, but only noticed just now as I was posting the photos.    

I might try a less fragile doll next so that I can literally 'drop' the doll into position.

Next something I have been wanting to do for a long time but never 'got round to it'


A box brownie camera, my eldest son's very first violin, my husband's well loved teddy bear. a couple of antique/vintage grodnertal dolls and my grandmother's teddy.

Saturday, 23 January 2016



Up there...


I gotsa new dress and bracelet today!

Plus we think we have settled on a name...

Xanthe Phylica

Xanthe means yellow or fair haired - which she is.

A little sewing and knitting

It was such a miserable day yesterday that I decided to spend some time making Hazel a dress with the fabric she chose the other day.

It is an actual Bleuette pattern this time and she seems quite happy with it.


I've also been knitting in the evenings - just tiny items for my little Ai doll who I believe is going to be called Xanthe Phylica.

She seems especially taken by this dress!  Just love her cute little face.

ADAD 2016 - January 23: Play

23:  Play

Hazel enjoys playing with her little wooden animals.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

A walk...

Mutter, mutter, what's a girl got to do around here to get a name?  The suggestions so far have been....well....unmentionable!  Fancy suggesting my name should be Botulism?!

What is that?

A Hippo?

Look here, what are you doing?

Uh oh...friendly Hippo....

Phew! Friendly Hippo.

Look Hippo, mice!

They look frozen

Poor mice, frozen in time...I think they must have got soo cold!

Let's go home....

So Hippo, what do you think of  the following names that have been suggested?
January Janet - I could be called JJ for short
Botulism Betty Bunnyears
Phylica - Philly or Lily for short?

ADAD 2016 - January 21: Morning

21:  Morning

Noo I don't want it to be morning yet!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Double Vision?

Two girls in the snow 

Are we seeing double?

The look like they know each other that is for sure.

Aren't they cold in the snow?

Two Josefinas side by side one Pleasant Co., the other newer. 

Who is who?  Can you tell?

Side by side from the front - different coloured bodies

and from the back

Quite a difference in height!

I think one looks like an older sister - at first I thought they were twins, but no, not quite.

ADAD 2016 - January 20: Patterns

20: Patterns

'Oh these are pretty patterns.  Can you make me some clothes out of these please?'