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Here is a brief description of each character.

Click on a doll picture to find out more about that doll.  Updates coming soon...


Wren:  Makie (Made real 22nd January 2015)  10 inches tall.  Wren likes birds, butterflies, flowers, reading, music, singing, sewing.  Her favourite colours and purples and blues as well as pinks and reds.



Jacko: Vintage Chad Valley Monkey from the late 1960s

Ernest - Vintage Pimar  Hard Plastic/Celluloid doll
Wilhelm - Vintage Schildkrot Celluloid 11 inch boy
Steve Scout

Heartstrings Tommy (Thomas)

Japanese Boy - Haru (Born in the Spring)
Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli aka Fonizie:  Meggo Corp 1976
Mabel: Vintage Roddy Walker Doll 10 1/2 inches tall.  Age: Adult
Flora - Antique Armand Marseille Floradora 15 inches
Chester & Chips - Vintage Schuco Monkeys (Chester collar & squeaker.  Chips, Collar but no chain and felt ears instead of plastic?
Bernard Woolley:  Small Teddy Bear of Unknown Make.  Found in an 'old ladies handbag' in a charity shop.  Named afteer Bernard in Yes Prime Minister.  Is known for his pedantic ways.

Pedigree Elizabeth

The Maori Family

Patricia:  Handmade (by myself) Porcelain & Cloth doll.  18 inches tall.  Age ?.  Likes to wear pretty clothes. Left home December 2014

Percival:  Hujoo Boy, 10 inches tall. A 'little professor' likes to think a lot!  Age 12 - 15... blue eyes, orange hair. Left home 3rd December 2012

Jacob:  Fairyland Littlefee Bisou Mold.  10 inches tall Resin.  Shy and innocent little lad, but keen to

+ travel and see places.  Can be quite playful at times, loves to listen to stories and is starting to read himself.  
Age 6 - 7, blue eyes, black hair   Left home November 2014

Charity:  Pelham Puppet Gypsy SS range from 1950s  Left home December 2014

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  1. Just found this blog - It's so great to find somebody else has such eclectic taste in dolls and bears etc! Thought it was just me... LOL.
    Jenni xx


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