Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dressmaking and little props.

Yesterday I made the dress for Peggy Sue that I wasn't really happy with.  Last night I changed the length and think it looks better

I then thought I would try it on one of my Sasha girls.

I think it may look better on her (although please excuse the tights!)

Of course then I thought I would try the dress I made earlier in the week for Sasha on Peggy Sue.

On Bethany, my Gotz Sasha girl...

I think it looks quite nice on her.


While out I keep a look out for various items that will do for Peggy Sue and her 'rooms'.

I was pleased to find two 'carpets' for 20p each.

This pretty one in shades of pinks and greens.

This slightly larger one which has already been put to use the other day when she was playing her cello.

Next up I found a lovely little glass flower and vase which is just perfect to sit on her dresser or drawers.

I also found this little rose pin.

Which she insisted on wearing today.

It is always worth a look, more often than not I come out empty handed, but every  now and again I find something just right!   I have a little list in my head of items I would like to find, so always have an idea of what is needed.

Dress Number 10 - Toffee

I finished dress number 10 last night of my AG King Cole DK Splash Challenge and started on the final dress, only to realise that I had bought a duplicate colour by mistake so will have to unravel what I have knitted so far and wait for the final ball to arrive.  No problem though as I have a ton of projects waiting for me to get on with.

Samantha is the lucky girl to model dress number 10.  I have knitted in this colour before, making a long sleeve version of the dress for Peggy Sue.

This colour is 892 Toffee.

I've just realised that I didn't post pictures of dress number 9, so here they are as well.

The colour is 813 - Rose Hue

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Time with Peggy Sue

I've spent quite a bit of time with Peggy Sue today, just sitting, chatting and thinking about what to make her next.  I tied back her hair and took a couple of photos outside of her.

I did eventually get round to doing some sewing and I had a certain idea in mind for a dress style that I wanted to make.  It didn't really turn out quite like I had imagined and I am disappointed with it, so will probably try and redo it somehow.

It is too long I think, I like how the top fits, but not at all happy with the skirt.

I tried tucking  the skirt up and I think it will look better shorter, so now to try some alterations with it to see if I will be happier with it.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Edith & Little Bobby the Puppy

Edith has been befriended by little Bobby

Such a cute little pup, I think she is hoping that he can be hers, as she has no bears or dolls to call her own.

Little Bobby certainly looks like he is taken by her.

Trying her Cello

Peggy Sue is having a go at playing her cello, she loves it!

Another Wig!

Peggy Sue tried on yet another wig today.  

The size is a much better fit, but we both decided the ringlets definitely were not her! 

Simple solution, we brushed them out!

We also pulled it behind her shoulders and think they hair looks much better.  I may well give it a trim, but will leave it a while to see how Peggy Sue feels about it.

King Cole DK Splash Challenge - Dress number 8

I finished dress number eight in my AG King Cole DK Splash Challenge.

Seen here modelled by Chrissy.

Dress number nine should be finished this evening and then I only have two more to knit!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

A wonderful surprise arrives for Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue was amazed when she heard that a parcel had been sent to her from  Hittyville in USA.

She had to ask several times whether it really was for her and if it was okay to open it.

She uncovers the tissue paper and bubble wrap...

Oh my gosh! She gasps.  Is this really for me?

It is indeed my love.

She pulls out a big black shaped carry case.

Kneels on the ground and opens it up and can't quite believe her eyes!

Her very own cello!  I think she is flabbergasted as am I at such a wonderful generous gift!

Thank you so much Bertie and Vicki, and all the friends at Hittyville, for this most wonderful Cello. Peggy Sue says and then blows a kiss!

Thank you, thank you!

What an absolutely fabulous and wonderful surprise gift.  
Thank you Vicki for your kindness and friendship.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Peggy Sue tries another wig!

Well wouldn't you know it?  Mum just doesn't give up and another wig arrived today for me to try on!

Hmmm, what do you think?  Is it any good?

Perhaps it is better in sepia tone?

Oh my, what am I going to say to Edith?

Umm...Edith, don't look so shocked but Mum has made me try on another you think it suits me?  Does it go with my complexion?

It doesn't really fit me is a bit small...

Oh dear, oh dear...when will she realise I am quite happy with my brown hair wig?  Even if the hair is course!

I don't think Edith knows quite what to say!

The music teacher arrives!

The Schoenhut School of the Arts  is hoping to open in March.

The first of the teachers has arrived, and boy do we know it!

We could all hear her coming from miles away, singing at the top of her voice!

She arrives in style on her pink scooter in a rather flamboyant style, although she assures us this isn't flamboyant at all!

I think the girls are going to be rather stunned when they discover their new music teacher is a pig!  Of course we don't call her that, her name is Miss Olivia Ottava.

Miss Olivia Ottava is a fan of the opera and likes to think she COULD have been an operatic diva...hmmm the jury is out on that one.  She likes to wear fancy frilly dresses as if she is attending the opera everyday, rather than going in to teach a class of students.  She favours one particular colour in particular...

Miss Olivia Ottava sings through all her lessons, from the welcome, when the children arrive, and the goodbye, when the leave.  Even when the lessons are done by correspondence she sends a 'musical recording' of the lesson, much to the students horror!  But even though she is somewhat eccentric, she has a good heart and they all love her; well most of the time.

She is yet to inspect the music room to see if it is to her liking...