Thursday, 30 August 2012

Give us a hug!

Topsy takes a stroll in the garden in between rain fall today...

She is wearing one of her new crochet dresses...this one being fairly 'tame' by Topsy's standards!

She is started to meet Domo Sunshine!

Sunshine is hoping Topsy will give him a hug!

"Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss"  Domo Sunshine rushes at Topsy, who is rather started by the over display of affection all of a sudden.  

Will she cope with it I wonder?

Making a cloth doll - Part One

 A long time ago I was given a bag of lace and in the bag were two partially made bodies...

One of them is reasonably made the other is...well, not quite...  I always thought I might one day finish the flesh coloured doll.

So yesterday was that day.  Amazingly I was still able to find where I had stored these body parts!

I finished sewing on the arms, made a face and added some hair.

Starting to look a bit like a person now!

Now awaiting clothes...  This is the first face I have embroidered onto a doll, ad I am reasonably happy with it.  Gives a bit of character I think.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Where shall we go?

Where shall we go I wonder?

Topsy Troll takes hold of Charlie Bear's hand, with Maud and Hamilton the frogs on either side.

They go for a wander  round the garden.

Topsy is delighted with her two new dresses she got today.

Has anyone seen a happier Troll?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine

Chrissy is making the most of the early morning sunshine this morning wearing her new little outfit just finished last night for her.

Now I really must stop playing with dolls and get on with things today!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Just Released!

A slight deviation from the usual doll blog posts to advertise my clever husband's newest product.


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Topsy Troll has been creative

Oh dear, oh dear...I found Topsy rummaging around in a bag of fabric today, I wonder what she has planned?

I should have guessed, a spot of dressmaking!, Topsy, very um...interesting...

What ARE you standing on?

Oh the back of the tortoise!  

Pardon?  You want to show me another dress?  Well okay, be quick about changing as I have some work to do.

Yes, very nice as well Topsy, I like your rope belt, it is very colourful!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

About a Troll

The other day, upended in a box of old toys in a charity languished this troll, with a rather tatty dress on.

Well the troll must have spotted me, because before I knew what had happened, it had followed me home insisting that it belonged at our house!

The troll hasn't revealed his/her name yet...apparently I should know it already!

Still it seems quite happy with the little outfit I made today.

Just discovered the trolls name is Topsy!  Apparently Turvey is someone out there...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jacob's new clothes

I've decided to move my 'How Many Dolls' Wordpress blog over here as I 'get' blogger so much better.  

Jacob got some new clothes the other day, I finally got the shirt right...with a bit of 'growing' room!

The trousers fit well and he likes the checked plaid pattern.

This morning the cheeky young fellow thought he would have a go at driving the car...I said that he was a little small!

Having a sit quietly after his driving experience.

Oh and I also made Patricia a pair of pantaloons :-)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Jacob discovers a good book & more knitting for Chrissy

 Jacob has been enjoying the garden today.  I discovered him reading a book this morning...



He certainly seems very absorbed in it and spent quite a bit of time studying the pictures in detail.  I think he must have really enjoyed it as later this afternoon I discovered him sitting on a chair in the garden telling his dog and frog all about it.


Last night I finished knitting another outfit for Chrissy.  A pair of leggings and Diamonds are Forever dress, which as actually ended up a bit small for her and is more of a jumper.  I might try it on someone else to see if it fits them better.



I really need to try and get to grips with wordpress a bit better.  I find it much harder to understand and work out than  blogspot which I have been using for years.  I guess I just need to set a bit of time aside to work it out.  I would like to add pages and proper tags and things...Perhaps I will try and do a bit tomorrow morning if I wake up early again.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Jacob meets Percival

Percival heard that we had a new arrival yesterday and couldn't wait to meet him today.



Hi there Jacob, I see you are dressed for summer!  Percival greets Jacob

Yes, I got these shorts given to me today, I think they just got made.  Jacob replies.




So what was it like where you came from?  Percival asks Jacob.  They sit together on the floor and Jacob shyly starts to tell Percival all about his old home.  

...and these American Girls arrived and I had to find somewhere else to live.  Jacob says sadly.

We've got a small group of American Girls living here.  Percival tells Jacob

Jacob starts to look a little worried.  Oh I hope I don't have to move again.  

Oh don't worry, Percival reassures Jacob.  They tend to keep themselves to themselves and tend to do a fair bit of modelling for knitwear.  Boys are pretty popular in this house, I shouldn't think you'll be going anywhere.





Jacob is still looking a little worried.

Percival starts thinking about what he can do to make Jacob feel more secure.





He starts to tell Jacob about all the adventures he has heard Henry has been on, and explains, that they will no doubt be taken on adventures as well.


They continue to explore the garden.



This is such a fun garden to play in.  Jacob says to Percival


Friday, 17 August 2012

Jacob arrives

 Last week I noticed that Jacob was looking for a new home, wanting to travel further afield, well I had always admired him and his sister, so who was I to refuse his request?

Well he arrived today, oh the excitement!  Although I think he was slightly overwhelmed at first from all his travels and indignities of arriving unclothed, although safe and sound with his clothes packed safely beside him along with his teddy and frog.  I have to say though that he better be careful Rory doesn't notice the frog, as we all know he is rather a fan of frogs!


Jacob sits quietly while adjusting to daylight after being in a dark travelling box for a week.


He spends some time reassuring his teddy and frog that everything will be okay.

It doesn't take long and Jacob is out exploring the garden.





Even climbing trees!  Oh please do be careful up there Jacob!


Hello Mr & Mrs Mouse, how are you today?  Jacob asks the resident mouse family.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

More Candy Stripes.

I finished another Candy Stripe dress the other day which Chrissy is kindly modelling for me.  She really likes these dresses and the fact that they both match her shoes.



I made a little flower to go on the bodice of this one that looks rather sweet.




Almost finished another dress, although a different one this time.  Hopefully will post photos in a couple of days.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Rocking Chair for Percival

While perusing the charity shops the other day I saw a rocking chair made out of clothes pegs.  I didn't buy it but thought I would have a go at making one myself.  Quite a bit of fun indeed.


I initially thought it would be Hitty sized, but actually it is a bit big for Hitty, however Percival thought it would be ideal for him to sit and ponder in.



Oh yes a great thinking and pondering position indeed!


Can I keep it?

Of course you can Percival.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Candy Stripes Outfit complete and a mixed group photo.



I finished the rest of Chrissy's Candy Stripes outfit the other day, and I think she looks really lovely in it.


Chrissy seems very happy it as well.

I have started another, but haven't made a lot of progress yet, will hopefully get some more done this evening.


I thought I would take a photo of the little group that sit on the corner of my computer table.


A right mixed group they are!