Saturday, 26 November 2016

Tilly (Matilda) A Girl for All Time.

A year ago I bought Matilda, the Tudor 'A Girl for All Time' .  She was a bargain at £20 and thought, why not?  She then languished in her box for a year as I really wasn't sure whether or not to keep her. Anyway, the day before Peggy Sue's birthday I decided to open her, having heard that some friends who had bought her from the same seller had discovered she had some staining from her clothes. Fortunately there was just a little staining on her top petticoat and a tiny mark on one of her legs, which I am pretty sure will come off with some Oxy 10 in the summer time.  Nothing to be concerned about.

She is packaged quite nicely.

Freed from her box, I like the outfit, but wasn't particularly wanting her as a 'Period' doll, so her clothes promptly came off (also because of staining issues)

She is quite different from the rest of my dolls.

Of course I had to set to work promptly to make her a dress for Peggy Sue's birthday party.

She looks a little unsure and apprehensive.

I was pleased to discover she fits Sasha shoes.

After the party was over I knitted her a dress for December.

I especially like this on her.

Admiring my Christmas Cactus/Succulent.

I think she looks older than most of my other dolls.  

I have called her Tilly as I already have a Matilda (Australian Girl Doll)

Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Different Kind of Swap - Received.

Last month a friend and I had our only little swap.  I wrote about what I sent her over on my Hitty blog 'A Different Kind of Swap

I received my wonderful swap parcel at the end of last month.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the parcel to discover this wonderful girl inside.

She is based on the character in this story.

Helene is tormented by her peers and cruelly bullied.  She finds comfort in reading Jane Eyre and befriending a little fox.

Beth has made such an amazing gift box for Helene and her fox.  She came wearing her pretty dress and dancing slippers, a hat and scarf, trousers (pants), two little sweaters and another pair of shoes.  The most wonderful crochet blanket and a wall hanging.  So much work and such attention to detail.

Helene enjoyed venturing out in the garden today.

Yes her little fox joined her as well.

Thank you for a wonderful swap Beth.  

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Peggy Sue's Birthday Party!

Peggy Sue's friend Everlee arrived in the morning...

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue.  Everlee said as she handed over a present.

Ooh, thank you!  Peggy Sue says.

Peggy Sits down to read the little card and open her present.

Oh wow!  She says.

Did you make this all by yourself Everlee?  She asks.

Yes.  Replies Everlee.

You are very clever!  Peggy Sue says.

Look, this can go over my bed.

Everyone wants Sweet Dreams!

Everlee's Mum then took us to 'My Doll Boutique'

A surprise was in store for Peggy Sue there.

A little birthday tea.  

Peggy Sue meets a new friend who gives her a bunch of flowers and some little gifts.

Isn't it all so pretty?  Peggy Sue says.

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue!

Thank you!

A lovely morning tea.

They go back home...

Some decorations have been put up and the table is all set.  Henry has brought out his birthday cake.

The all sing 'Happy Birthday' to Peggy Sue

Blow out the candles!

Peggy Sue takes a deep breath

and blows out all the candles.

They sit down to eat some donuts, after all, cakes and donuts is what birthday parties are all about surely?  Chrissy pours the tea...

Have you eaten your donut already Maddison?

Yummy cake!

Maddison has a cup of tea to wash down the donut.

They enjoy eating their donuts and chatting. 

Lots of talking and giggling and laughing.


Peggy Sue shows her friends some of the presents she got.

A lovely vintage hand mirror, a game, and a carousel.

This will be a fun memory game.  Peggy Sue says as she has a practice.

They set the carousel up on the table and watch it spin round.

It has little children sitting on seats.

It whirls round and is such fun to watch.  They played with it for a long time!

What a lovely time they are all having.

Peggy Sue's Birthday - In the morning...

Peggy Sue went to bed quite early last night...

Is it morning yet?  She kept asking Little Owen, who was trying to get some sleep...

Eventually... Wake Up Peggy Sue, it is morning time!  

Peggy Sue gives a big yarn.

Puts on her dressing gown as it is cold in the mornings now.

Come and get some breakfast.  Little Owen suggests.

After breakfast Peggy Sue returns to her room to find two new dresses hanging on her wardrobe.

Oh, oh!  She gasps.

Are these for me?

They are so pretty!  She says.

Now which one shall I try on first?

She sits pondering for a while...

Peggy Sue does a twirl...

What do you think of this one Little Owen?  She asks.

You look very pretty in it.  He tells her.

She then tries on the other one.

What about this one?  Peggy Sue asks.

You lovely in this as well.  He replies.

I do think this one looks like Candyfloss and is just perfect for a party!  Peggy Sue decides.

What do you think?

You look lovely.

Peggy Sue is ready for her guests to arrive!