Sunday, 31 May 2015

Doll Shelf Sunday

My shelf in the lounge has significantly more dolls added to it, since I last photographed it in February!  

Back row:  Florence Schoenhut, Oliver William Schoenhut, Maudlynne Macabre, Pauline (Estrela), Pedigree Elizabeth
Front Row:  Native American Navejo hand carved figure, Hitty Rimu, Peter Mecki, Steven Boy Scout, Chess Domo, Steiff Monkey, Doll of unknown origin, Two more dolls of unknown origins, Heartstrings Thomas & his teddy, Mary Jo (Little Darling)

A Doll A Day Photo Challenge for June 2015

I thought I would follow my own doll a day photo challenge for June - the ones on Flickr tend to be just for BJD or Blythe and I like to use various dolls and toys for my challenges, plus I don't have any BJDs or Blythes!  Like those various groups I will  use the Photo-A-Day Challenge prompts from The Idea Room  The question I use one doll for the whole month which I have done before, or a different one each day?  Still trying to decide.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

So what has happened to Scooby Doo?

Poor old Scooby-Doo....will the gang find him in time?

Uh seems  Scooby Doo might be in a spot of bother....


Trying to put a brave face on things....

Feeling lonely and scared....Scooby Doo is quaking....

ahhhh I don't feel so good.....

Friday, 29 May 2015

Meet Penelope Bluebell

During the entire special offer period of 25% off and free postage on the Makies website this blue haired girl kept staring at me....I resisted and resisted until the last day - and pretty much within the last couple of hours and then my resistance was no more and into my basket and through check out she went.

Of course one advantage of buying one of the 'Made for You' Makies is that you don't have to wait the two weeks for them to be printed and delivered, they arrive within a couple of days so by Wednesday she was here.

In her arrival box.

Saying a tentative hello...

Still a little unsure about saying hello...

She doesn't waste time in getting changed.

Within hours though and with a change of clothes, she revealed her name.

Penelope Bluebell!

Playing amongst the bluebells and fallen cherry tree petals.

I think this girl is going to be somewhat of a flower child.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Rehearsals begin....

The team have started rehearsing for the next big Scooby Doo movie.

They are pretty sure it is going to be titled 'Where IS Scooby Doo?'   

'Scooby, Scooby Doo, Where are you?'

It has to be surely as Scooby Doo has not yet joined them on location.  

Plus their screen shots and rehearsals involved looking for Scooby Doo.

Fred & Daphne search the undergrowth

Velma and Shaggy search various hideaways while Shaggy calls Scooby's name.

Later on they regroup...

He just can't be found anywhere!  Shaggy cries.

Fred tries to put it into perspective....

...that is until he sees the Scooby Wagon!

This just WILL NOT do.  He exclaims!  Barbie!  That has just got to go!

I can't possibly be seen driving something that has 'Barbie' written all over it, what will people think? Fred complains.

Velma tries to calm him down and tells him to at least go for a test drive and assures him that something WILL be done about the Barbie signs.

The girls cheer him on.  Once behind the wheel Fred seems to be a little happier.

The girls wave him off on his test drive....

....hoping that the set and prop designers will be doing something about the 'Barbie' insignia. 


Velma played by Wren
Shaggy played by Nelson
Daphne played by April
Fred - himself.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Muriel Makes - Lots of sewing.

I have been busy making little dresses for my 'Muriel Makes' shop.  They are currently listed on Facebook but I will be listing them later on my Etsy site when I have taken a few more 'bodice' photos to show the patterns better.

This one has little birds, flowers and butterflies on it.

Blue flowers and little butterflies.


Musical notes

Polka Dots

The next  three I made for my friend Jane in New Zealand for her Makie girl Linnet.

Monday, 25 May 2015

And then there is another!

They say you can't have just one...whether that be chocolate, books, biscuits, crisps, dolls, or whatever your 'vice' or passion.  I know I am completely hopeless in my desire to initially just have one - it wasn't long before I fell of the 'Only One Makie' bandwagon as is evidenced by previous blog posts.  Of course when Makies lab announced their 25% discount AND free postage, well that was too good to turn away and Limited Edition Juniper hoped in my basket - at £36.75 it would have been silly for her not to have!  Hey lets face it, if I was the sort of person who had my nails done, wore makeup, went to the hairdressers regularly I would spend way more than that every couple of weeks and more than that on one nail session! 

So here she is in her arrival box - and this time instead of arriving with little black shoes, she came with a pair of red boots which will be fun.

Lid off the box, a simple case of undoing the ribbon and she is soon let free.

She immediately lets me know her name isn't Juniper but Alicia - not sure where that came from as it is not a name I have ever considered or thought about, but there you go.

She is going to be my wild child - I can see that already.  She is wearing a top made for my barbie doll in the early seventies. Her hair has been let out of its band and hopefully once settled down the wig cap won't be so obvious as it is in the other photos.  I don't like to see the wig caps.

She takes a bit of a wander outside.

I think I will have fun designing a wardrobe for this girl...

Meeting up with the others.

Wren is still a little bit unsure of April and her designs on Nelson....

Nelson is  being rather cosy and hoping to reassure Wren that she has nothing to worry about!