Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hmmm...what is going on?

It seems Wren has something on her mind...

Earlier today...Wren, April & Nelson were seen together chatting...

Later on...

It seems Wren is having words with Nelson

While Nelson explains... was all rather innocent when April put her hand on his shoulder!

But WHY is he dressed up with a shirt and tie on?

Talent Spotted!

Wren and Nelson have been noticed....

It seems while casually out the other evening, they were talent spotted for the next stars in the upcoming Scooby-Doo movie.  Wren is to be cast as Velma Dinkley and Nelson as Shaggy. 

Wren doesn't waste time and embraces the excitement ....

It isn't long before she has 'wardrobe' whip her up her costume for the role of Velma.

She practices some Velma poses....

Of course Nelson then requests 'Wardrobe' to get on with his costume...he isn't sure the trousers are quite 'brown' enough but concedes they will do for now...

Later Nelson and Wren are seen outside practising their 'Shaggy & Velma' roles... that a t-t-t-t-tombstone??  Shaggy asks?!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My blog.

My trip away was difficult and seeing my Mum suffering with Alzheimer's and my Dad and sister also suffering with the ramifications this brings was extremely tough and to leave them was heartbreaking.  I feel so very torn and scared, it has been a difficult time.  On reflection though I need the distraction the dolls bring, whether through creative play, or making things and so for the time being at least will continue to blog until I really know what I want to do.   Sometimes it is all too easy to make rash decisions that you might regret.  I didn't miss the dolls while I was away and it was almost a chore to actually make the effort to take photos so I could do some posts with them when I returned that it got me thinking WHY do I have them? WHY do I blog?  So yes at times I  feel like getting rid of the lot and just keeping the four in my header, ....but....and it is a BIG reality I just don't think I can really do this - at least not at this stage.  

I have been trying to think of ways to re-kindle my excitement, wonder and enjoyment with my dolls, and have come up with several ideas. I thought I would do some posts featuring different themes alongside the usual outing and story posts I do.

The first lot of feature posts will be introducing my boy/male dolls that I have collected over the years.  As I do these introduction posts I will gradually link them to my 'Who's Who' page that I started a few years ago, but never really did much with.  These feature posts will run on the even days of the month.  

Thank you to those who took the time to leave a comment or message me - it was very much appreciated and encouraging to know that others are sharing my enjoyment of dolls in all shapes and forms.  There are still some lovely people out there!

Thanks to my husband last night making a chance comment about a how much Wren looked like Velma from Scooby Do in her jacket.... I have been inspired!  Story to come.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Wandering with Wren - Bluebell Woods

Well it seems my Makies have a completely different opinion on blogging than me and say that they DO bring me JOY and actually they are seeing things in the light of day and with the amazing support and lovely comments yesterday Wren and Nelson have taken over as they wanted to share their enjoyment of a lovely walk through the bluebells in the woods today.  

I think there might be a bit of love in the air...

Very attentive to each other they are.

Thank you to you all who took the time to message me yesterday - it is nice to have encouragement  and to know that others are enjoying sharing my love of dolls of all kinds!  It was very much appreciated.

Have a good weekend.

I will spend some time really thinking over things like I said I will, but not rush into anything.  I think is probably okay to take a hiatus every now and again, especially after an emotional visit 'home'.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Blogging and stopping for a while.

After quite a bit of thinking and wanting to do more, I have decided to close my blogs down for a while.  Not sure how many are actually reading it any more anyway and I think it is time for a break. This is due to various reasons that I don't wish to go into due to 'Chinese Whispers' and other hurts that seem to occur when things are said 'third hand'.   I will leave this up for the next few days so that anyone who does will know 'where they have gone'.  Maybe I will come back refreshed and more enthusiastic, maybe I will give up the whole blogging lark and dolls altogether, at this stage I just don't know...all I know is they are no longer 'bringing me joy' and surely that is the whole point of a hobby? 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Wandering with Wren - Stowe Gardens.

Wren managed to get out in the great outdoors again today and enjoyed a visit to Stowe Gardens.

Wren and Nelson enjoyed some quiet time together beside the waterfall....

Looks like there might be some sneaky hand holding going on!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wandering with Wren - Ashridge Estate to Ivanhoe Beacon

Wren took her new friend out for a wander on Friday...

They enjoyed a long hike round Ashridge Estate admiring the flowers, scenery and wildlife.

They walked from the monument to Ivanhoe Beacon and back - around 6 or so miles.

Mr No Name took note of the sign...but was curious as to weather they would see any 'unidentified objects'   but they didn't.

Wren tells him not to touch the gorse as it is prickly, but also that it grows to about four times the size in New Zealand where it is a real nuisance plant.

Looking over the hills...

they spied the chalk lion in the hills...

....a windmill in the distance...

...a hawk circling overhead...


This marks Ivanhoe Beacon...they were a tad disappointed it wasn't more impressive, and also that they couldn't brave the wind which was very strong up here.  Amazing views of the surrounding area.

The bluebells are almost out in bloom, so will be going back next week to see them.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Introducing the Makie Lad

Now when I said I had no will power the other day.....I meant it!  When I saw this lad on the Makies website, I knew he was asking to come home!  I do have a couple of boys designed, but this one was ready made and he called out to me, although hasn't revealed his name yet...he said he is waiting until he gets some 'decent duds' before he will tell me it.

His arrival box.

Just before he was released.

Saying hi!

Slightly apprehensive look...or a 'do I have to do the photo thing' look.

Found a pair of trainers that he likes better than the black shoes he arrived wearing.

Cool, a skateboard!  This meets with his approval.

Definitely a smile there!

He might be having a change of colour of eyes....


His eyes have been changed from brown to grey - although they look blue!

Sitting by the pond.

Found the New Zealand Rugby shirt and made him a pair of jeans.

Sweater fits well too.

Friday, 17 April 2015

My Bratz Make Over - Introducing Fern.

So it seems everyone is doing it... making over a Bratz (or other doll) and as mentioned in this post here  I found one in an op shop in New Zealand and home she came with me...

These dolls really are rather 'tarty' looking!

Removing the make up was not as easily as it looked in the You Tube video that I watched - in fact it was very messy and at first I thought I had ruined her face completely...eventually I managed to get most of it off, although I still feel it could have been 'cleaner'  but hey it was worth a go.  At first I really didn't like what I had done - but as I have had her sitting near me with her 'new face' she has started to appeal to me a little more.  She needs new 'feet' or footwear as the current ones are completely inappropriate for her new look.  So without an further ado I will introduce you to 'Fern'.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wandering with Wren - Verulamium

Well what a gorgeous day it was on Wednesday. Wren decided it was perfect for wandering around Verulamium - otherwise known as St Albans.

She admired the mosaic work  and hypocaust and  visited the Roman Theatre.

The Roman mosaic was part of a suite of rooms in a large town house built around AD200.  This mosaic and the 1800 year old hypocaust were uncovered during excavations in Verulamium part in the 1930s.   They were left in their original location and preserved so we can see them today!  Amazing that we live so close to such wonderful history.  This was probably one of the first 'central heating' systems to be installed in this country!

Amazing tile work.

Objects found during excavation work.

The theatre, the only example of its kind in Britain was built in about 140AD.  It was a theatre with a stage rather than an amphitheatre.  The arena area would have been used for anything from religious processions, dancing, wrestling, armed combat and wild beast shows.  Around 180AD the stage came into greater use and the auditorium was extended.  By 300AD redevelopment work had taken place and the theatre could seat approximately 2000 spectators!

Next to the theatre more excavations can be seen and reveal a row of shop foundations, a Roman Villa and a secret shrine which date from around the First to  Second Century.

Soaking up the Vitamin D!