Thursday, 22 September 2016

One Object Thirty Days, September 15 - 21

15:  Yes - this is the life.

16: Safe - Don't worry I'll keep you safe little one.

17:  Dancing

18:  Peace - hoping for some peace in the garden.

19: Time for.... tea!

20:  Wrinkles - checking for...

21:  Oops!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The beginnings of Little Miss Perfekta's wardrobe.

Last night I did some knitting for Little Miss Perfekta

I knitted her a little dress with some lovely NZ lace weight wool

She needed a pair of underwear so I made up this pattern as I knitted.

This little simple green dress was made for her yesterday.

This is a little nightgown, also made yesterday.

A little purple felt dress made this morning.

She was also seen spotted talking to Frog..this morning...

I wonder what they were talking about?!

A Mouse Taller than me

While walking through the woods one day
I came across a mouse
That mouse was as large as I had seen
How can that mouse be bigger than me
How oh how can that surely be
A mouse as tall as tall can be
A mouse as tall if not taller than me
How strange to see a mouse as tall as he.
He asked if I was lost
and pointed the direction
that mouse that mouse taller than me.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Rediscovering my childhood Perfekta doll.  Time for her to no longer be 'not quite forgotten but definitely neglected.

I have shown this little doll a couple of times on my blog.  She has been with me since the late sixties and travelled the world - but not as a tourist, just 'in transit'  It is time for her to come into her own and get out and about!

She has no clothes except this little dress that I found for her about four years ago.  I have no idea what happened to her original clothing - I can only ever remember her being without clothes.

Today I tried on one of the little Xanthe's dresses (my little Ai Jun Planning doll) and was delighted to see it fitted her, so I will make her some of her own.

She needs a full wardrobe, underwear, clothes and shoes and will be my next project.

Poor little thing also needs a name.

I am sure she looks happier already knowing that she is about to experience life again.

My Autumnal Challenge is to make her a wardrobe to be proud of.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Wet Day Play

It has been pretty wet and dreary today with thunderstorms and heavy rain, but this afternoon the sun has been trying to make an appearance and I found Peggy Sue sitting in the sunshine playing with the Russian dolls.

She is amazed at how many there are...

They keep getting smaller...

She was even surprised to find one eve smaller inside these two.

She counts them.

There are ten altogther!

It is amazing how much enjoyment she got out of playing with these little wooden dolls

So cute!

Needing a Nurse?

A new 'wooden' has joined the family here at Rose Cottage.  Having been thinking about it for several months and loving wooden dolls, I decided to take the plunge as no one else had.

Below are her three 'arrival' photographs

She is a Rudolf Schneider Bébé Tout En Bois (All wooden doll) dressed in a WW1 Nurse uniform.  The uniform is beautiful made and even includes a little handkerchief tucked behind her apron.
Her clothes are currently soaking in our equivalent of Oxy (I hope it works as well as that does!)  to remove the stains.

She is in amazing condition and has a lovely face.

I wish I could find out more information about these dolls

She dates from around the early 1900s from what I can tell and from what her seller told me.

This is her body.  She is strung with elastic, I don't know if this is how they were originally strung.

Detail work on her cupped hand and fingers.

Her petticoat which is possibly original cleaned up beautifully and I did a couple of light repairs on the fragile fabric.

This was the before it was washed photo of the apron (seller's photo)   I was really surprised how well it washed as it was very dirty and quite stiff.

The dress also washed well.

Her little pocket handkerchief tucked in the folds of her dress.

Apron - unfortunately the rust stain near the bottom wouldn't come out.

With her bonnet (probably added later and certainly not the same fabric as the nurses uniform.

Her slightly cupped hands means she can carry something - I will have to make her a little medical bag.

You would hardly believe her head is made from wood!

If anyone knows anything about these dolls, please let me know as I would love to know more about her.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

One Object Thirty Days, September 8 - 14

8: Reading

9: Circle

10: Black & White

11: Yum

12: Pretty

13: Motto
'Without Challenge, There is No Achievement'

14: Fold
Like many males, Romeo finds the concept of folding, a challenge.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Mouse in the House Outside

That cheeky little mouse, 
Last spotted in the house, 
Was seen outside today

In the long grass he ran,
This way and that
With the sun beating down
Upon his white back

That strange little fellow in the long grass at noon
It was surprising to see, him again so soon.
Pointing here, pointing there,
Some mutterings were heard,
It really did seem, just quite absurd. 

Was that mouse on a mission? 
To assess his position?
On whether he wanted to stay?
Or perhaps he went out there to play?