Wednesday, 31 December 2014

ADAD - December: 24 - 31

24: Colour

25: Celebration - Would you like one?

26:  Animal

27: I like....Strawberry Tart

28: Book - Which shall I choose to read next?

29:  I need less of this - being hurt by people I thought were friends

30: Us

31: My Best Part of 2014

So in review, I decided to use Poppy my little Lati Lami BJD as my doll for the December photo a day project so I could ascertain whether she was indeed a 'keeper', having recently sold my other three BJDs.  I am still no closer to really knowing the answer....she is sweet and cute, but I do find her a little hard to pose in comparison to my larger the moment we will just wait and see...perhaps she will decide to move on...perhaps she will decide to stay.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Peggy Sue wishes all her friends a Very Merry Christmas and many Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

ADAD - December: 11 - 23

11: Something Red

12: Skyline

13 Much loved

I recently sold my Pukifee and realised once I had sent her off, I sent the wrong bear with poor Poppy has been devastated at the loss of her little friend, but with sweet whispers in her ear, she now has another much loved friend.

12: Drink

15:  Super  - Warm!

Poppy is super warm in her new knitted outfit.


17: Sunshine....where has it gone?

18: Sign...Oh yummy!

19:  Something to be happy about.

It being dry enough to go for a ride.

20: Food

21:  This is interesting....and FUN!

22:  Tis the Season

23: Tree

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Poor, poor Peggy Sue

Poor Peggy Sue, she went from being elated yesterday morning after the arrival of her new red boots.....  to be inconsolable in the afternoon after the loss of her Bestest Hat Ever that matches her Bestest Coat Ever....   The planned outing to look at Christmas decorations was cut short after scouring the path we had walked from parking the car to the cafe where we had lunch before we were due to begin our afternoon...when it was discovered she had lost her hat.  

Even Little Owen hasn't been able to cheer her up.

This photo was taken last year, not long after the coat set arrived.  She just loved it and it was perfect for her.

Poor Peggy Sue

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

These boots....

What have you got there Peggy Sue?

What's that?  What are you looking at?

A new pair of boots?  Wow, they are great.

Made especially for you?  Aren't you a lucky girl?

Sending a thank you kiss to the lovely lady who made them for you.

Peggy Sue is looking very festive in her knitted red dress and matching suede boots!

'These boots are made for walking...'

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

ADAD - December: 1 - 10

Having recently been working on downsizing my doll collection, I sold three of my four BJDs.   I couldn't quite bring myself to sell Poppy though and thought to make sure she is a 'keeper' I would spend the month with her doing the 'A Doll a Day' photo challenge. 

The first 10 days are below.

1.  Fruit

2. Grass

3. Pop!  Giggle....

4. Free   If you love something set it free...

5.  Me!

6. Joy is.....cuddling a friend

7. Weekends are for....playing with toys and riding your horse.

8.  Simple Pleasure....reading a good book

9. Decoration

10.  Closed door....hmm...this closed door has no handle!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Some fabric arrived for Peggy Sue's birthday.

Peggy Sue was delighted when a package arrived all the way from Australia today.  Enclosed was some fabric for her birthday - she insisted that some sewing be done STRAIGHT away - she of course asked very nicely so who was I to refuse?

Thank you 'Aunty' Kath for the lovely fabric.  Look at the pretty dress Mum made me.

A lovely dress made with some New Zealand fabric was also in the package....which Peggy Sue has her eye on!....

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Birthday Party Time! - Who Attended - Part Two

Many of Peggy Sue's Ravelry friends came to her party having also attended last year.

Caroline is dressed and ready,

Caroline is dressed and ready...

...her gift in hand.

Her Mom saw her waiting for the limo to take her safely to the airport.

She arrived safely, partied all day and all night!

Last we heard she was still sleeping it all off!

Camille asked her big sister Alma to come to Peggy Sue’s party with her. She said yes right away but noticed she had no cardigan. I am knitting one for her now but not ready yet. Hope she is not too cold. 
Happy Birthday, Peggy Sue! The girls are bringing chocolate balls in their little bags. Have fun! 

Happy Birthday, Peggy Sue! The “non-18-inch” gang is dressed and ready to attend the party. I stopped them in the kitchen for a photo before they got their coats on. L to R: My childhood Chatty Cathy in a dress my mom made (over 50 years ago!), a modern doll whose outfit was sewn a few years ago by my aunt, and an ebay rescue named Charlene in a jumper I sewed from a thrift store baby romper and another Retro Cardi. It came out too big for the AG girls, but just right for Charlene. Hope all the girls have a wonderful time at the party!

Some liked to arrive in style which was in evidence with HazelRoses' lovely girl.

When Sakura saw Carolyn all dressed up and leaving for the party she panicked. She says she hopes Peggy Sue does not think she’s over dressed but she loves long dresses and hardly ever gets to wear one so this seemed the perfect opportunity. She took her angora stole in case she gets cold. She wouldn’t tell me what was in the gift box. I hope she didn't get too creative! But the Cross World Flights Dragon is here to pick her up and fly her to the UK. Hope he can find Peggy Sue’s house on time. 
I’m afraid we could not afford that many dragons but the rest of the girls all send Happy Birthday wishes to Peggy Sue from the cupboard in California! 

Sakura is just a tad late to the birthday party. She could not resist taking the opportunity to take a fly by of Hogwarts since it may be her only chance to visit England. But here she is knocking at the door and looking just a bit windblown after the ride. Happy Birthday, Peggy Sue! 

Sonja was a little shy at first but she soon joined in all the fun and made lots of new friends.

These two lovely girls wanted their picture taken outside while they were waving good bye to their Mum and getting into the taxi, but it was  bucketing down, so they had to settle for a pic just as they were going out!  Thankfully they had their umbrella from getting from the taxi to the house when they arrived as it was also bucketing it down here!

Of course there is always one!  

The girls clubbed together to buy you this porcelain tea set, I hope you like it. Unfortunately Hannah slipped back to her rockstar ways and arrived at the party ” pre-loaded”, she took advantage of the bar on the ferry. I am sorry about that I hope she doesn’t spoil things for you. . Hannah says sorry, she was going to write you an apology ( at Grace’s insistence) but her head hurt too much.

SASHA: Baby Sasha please be polite, don’t stuff yourself with cupcakes, leave some place also for the other treats, and when Peggy Sue opens the door, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 
BABY SASHA: if it’s a birthday where is her birthday gift? 
SASHA: we shipped it and it got in yesterday. 
BABY SASHA: Oh great, so I have place to bring my toy Rabbit, do not need a hand to bring the gift. 
Can I knock now at the door? 
SASHA: go on… 
knock, knock… 
Get ready I can hear her footsteps… 


These two delightful girls are the ones who gave Peggy Sue the special red necklace and bag.

Knowing how much Peggy Sue loves horses, Kit decided that if Hannah was sending a horse along for the girls to have fun that she would bring her horse to help with all the requests for rides!  It was just a shame it was tipping it down all day that they didn't actually get the indoor arenas close enough to home!  

Two little girls ready to leave...discussing whether they need wet weather gear or not!

Cecile and her brother got tired of waiting and left before their sisters. (Or at least that is what they thought!) They are bringing the pinata  and want to get at it’s candy RIGHT AWAY! Actually I think our boy just wants to bash something with the bat.

Cecile was a little surprised to see Julie and Kit already enjoying cake  and tea. Those two wait for no one when snacks are at stake.

Hannah's girls arrive in their lovely historical dresses.



As a surprise they have brought along one of their horses and 10 dozen ginger snap cookies!
Everyone get in line for a Pony Ride ! Birthday Girl, first !

Nana Merri's  sweet Felicity is just starting to set the table. The Pine ridge Girls are dressed and ready to celebrate! They are especially excited for the pony rides - what a lovely surprise!!

Ready for some tea and cake 

One of the girls made a snowflake ornament for Peggy Sue, but she is a little slow getting the instructions written out! 

Charity wanted to add her card for Peggy Sue! thank you for inviting us and we Wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
(eta: Birthday Card)

Katja lets Nora hold the parcel.

Katja thought she might be a bit overdressed especially as its going to be 43 C today,  but

she doesnt mind she’d rather just look good.  As it turned out when she arrived at the party, it was much colder than it was at her home, so she was dressed just right!

Helene's lovely girl below wore a very special outfit to Peggy Sue's birthday party.

Her “petite patriote britannique.” (Called this because
she wears a poppy on her beret). Scottish clothes are original.  Dressed to celebrate the end of WWII.

Ellen's 'crazy' girls, could't wait to start on the cakes!

These three little girls took their time in getting ready and there was some concern over whether they would arrive in time and it had been suggested that they should have started out sooner due to how far they had to travel, but fortunately they made it in good time!  

Alex and Brooke were caught on their way out the door for a quick photo…just one though, as they were very excited and couldn't wait to be on their way.  They arrived very quickly as they took the cyber express!

Sue's sweet girl  arrived a bit late  blaming it on the Sat Nav, darn thing. Anyway she arrived at last wishing a “Pen-Blwydd Hapus” to Peggy Sue. She  brought her dancing shoes and (being Welsh) is hoping for a bit of a sing-a-long too. 

Hopefully I haven't missed anyone out!  Thank you all so much for attending and making Peggy Sue's day so special.

Peggy Sue waves goodbye to all her lovely guests.