Sunday, 26 May 2013

Jacob my Littlefee

Jacob (my Fairyland Littlefee) doesn't get many photo opportunities but had been practising his 'casual' pose and wanted me to capture it on film to see if he was 'cool' enough...

He seems to love his New Zealand All Black Shirt as he hasn't taken it off since been given it way back when!

Peggy Sue picks some daisies.

Peggy Sue, Owen and little Bobby the pup go for a walk amongst the daisies....
Peggy Sue stopped to make a daisy chain.

Friday, 24 May 2013

A Find for Peggy Sue

A charity shop find for Peggy Sue

A jug and wash bowl.

Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls.

Another one of my doll collections is the Nancy Ann Story Book dolls 

Earlier this year I was asked if I was interested in purchase four dolls.  I couldn't at the time but the lady was happy to wait until I could - so I had been putting a little aside for them as and when I could.

These four bisque dolls have frozen legs.

I think this one is March

Colonial Dame

I think this one is July

Little Miss Muffet  110

Tonner 12 inch dolls.

A new to me Marley Tonner doll has arrived - 'Violin First Chair'  she will join my other Marley doll

Well being musical how could I not?

I quite like these dolls - I like the pre adult shaped body - not young children, but not adults either and that appeals to me.  I have had my 'journey' with collecting adult dolls - Palitoy Tressy years ago now and all but a couple of that collection have now left for other homes.

I first discovered these dolls by chance when browsing Dolls 'Ending Soonest' on Evilbay - I saw the most unusual and strangely very appealing doll, who I discovered was 'Agnes Dreary' - I just had to have her.  Maybe I recognised something in her...

Well I then discovered she had a brother 'Viktor Dreary' Maestro - a musical theme?  Well of course he had to come to live here.

Somehow Agnes doesn't seem as pleased to see him as one would have imagined...

Marley was next in a wonderful Agnes Dreary outfit.

That was it for my little Tonner collection...or so I thought until I saw this wonderful Agnes in 'Minor Conundrum'

Well what a superb outfit - just had to have her!

So now I have two Agnes Dreary and two Marley dolls - plenty for me to be going on with.  Perhaps after my School Uniform commission I will make each of them a uniform as well as they are upper school age.

The Troll Invasion

Troll Invasion!

It seems the wet weather has attracted some trolls.

Norbert has been happily tramping along and is joined by Ding Dong

Meanwhile Turvy is in a state of distress as he can't find Topsy ANYwhere!

When he comes upon the new trolls he is quite worried...perhaps they have kidnapped Topsy.

He asks them if they have seen her....

Norbert just looks up in the air with a rather vague expression...

Ding looks interested....Dong has gone (in the head ) it appears ...ooooh he says...

Norbert continues to look befuddled...
Ding just smiles on benignly ...
Oooohhh Dong exclaims....Ooohhh

I don't think Turvy is going to get much joy from them!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Making a School Uniform for Marley Wentworth

I was asked to make a set of school uniforms for Marley and finally managed to go out and get the fabric today and have made the first 'prototype' using the pattern provided to me.

I was very disappointed in the lack of choice of fabric - hoping for a good selection of plaid, tartan etc...only to find there was almost nothing so had to settle for the one below that I have used to make the skirt.

I like the skirt pattern - it fits nicely and works reasonably well with the patterning on the fabric I chose.

The skivvy seems to me not to have allowed enough facing on the back where it does up - so I will amend that.  I think I will make the sleeves narrower as well.  This probably differs depending on what knit fabric is used.  Again I had the choice!

The jacket is perhaps a bit more fiddly than necessary - the sleeves are sewn in two parts, as is the back - wondering if this is really necessary for a jacket of this size - it just adds to the seam bulk.  Plus it is very difficult to put the jacket/blazer on over the long sleeve skivvy.  Marley just wouldn't hold her sleeves down and they kept bunching up!  I'm not sure enough allowance has been made in the front either for the buttons (yet to be sewn on) done up.  

I may make up another jacket/blazer with out the extra seams to see how the fit is before I commit to this pattern.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Xanthe makes a friend & Rosie's twin brother Ronald arrives.

Xanthe is pleased have a little friend to play with - she was feeling lonely all on her own.

I think Poppy is trying to explain something...

....and it was THIS big...

Of course just quite WHAT was that big, we can only guess...

Ah...perhaps she was talking about her teddy?

Getting to know each other.


Rosie got a surprise today...

Her twin brother has finally been reunited with her and they were so delighted to see each other and had a big hug.

Amy Lynn joins them outside to say hello to Rosie's brother.

Little Ronald is a happy little chap and is pleased to be in the UK and out of his travelling box.

These two are just so very happy to be together again.

The girls listen on while being told about Ron's journey to the UK.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Departures and Arrivals.

Lots of dolls have been departing for new homes lately.

The latest departures are:

Gotz Principessa Boy - a gorgeous boy indeed - who is on his way to Russia

KnC Sophie - who should hopefully arrive at her new home tomorrow.  I decided I just wasn't going to bond with her, and rather hang on to her, she could go while she was still new, having only arrived the other week.

Sheena, should be arriving in Australia any day now, and she has been followed by a couple of Palitoy Toots dolls who are also off to Down Under.

My Armand Marseille doll who really needs restoring - i.e. someone who knows what they are doing, left yesterday.

Still a few to leave home and while it has been sad, in many ways it has been good - it is clearing space for me to enjoy the ones that remain.

That doesn't mean there haven't been any new arrivals...

While checking on my auctions, oh okay and checking 'ending soonest' I came across a listing for a White Balloon Sylvia Natterer girl for just a few pounds, put in a bid and won her.  She arrived today and has had a good bath and hair wash.  She is very pretty and is now awaiting some clothes as she arrived without any.

Isn't she pretty?  She is currently waiting a name.  Hopefully she won't have to wait as long as my other Sylvia Natterer girl, who is still waiting patiently for me to discover her name!

I hope she is patient, as I don't think I will get a chance tomorrow.