Saturday, 31 January 2015

Some sewing for Wren

I thought I would trying making something a little different.  This dress is made from re-purposed skirt and leather jacket.

It snowed a tiny bit today so it seemed a fleece would be appropriate.

Again experimenting with some scraps I had given to me, I came up with this jacket.

I can see a colour scheme starting to develop!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Wren Overload!

I made Wren a pair of pink jeans her fun boots arrived from China - so she was very happy indeed.

They go so well with her fabulous sweater..

A little later she decides it is a bit too cold to go walking without a coat on.

Fortunately she finds one to borrow.

It actually fits her surprisingly well.

Really loving this girl!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Introducing Wren

So after procrastinating for months and then having my friend's Makie Hayden stay for the week, it seemed I couldn't resist the allure of a Makie any longer....I had to have one of my own!

I ordered her on 16th and she arrived on 29th January in the familiar to those who have ordered Makies, DHL bag.

The Makies arrive in a black tube.  I ordered an accessory kit as well, hence the extra box.

She came simply packaged and tied on with a ribbon, so easy to free.

Here she is...very similar to my design, although I have ended up putting her wig on with the part more to the centre than the side like the one I designed on the Makies website.

I wasn't sure what my immediate thoughts on her were....but after a day, she seems to have come unto her own.

She has wandered around outside today and was thrilled to find a flower blooming.

After seeing photos of Hayden walking along the plank, she wanted to try as well.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Peggy Sue is surprised.

When Peggy Sue learnt that Aunty Jocelyn was coming round today she expected to see some of her Sasha cousins....

So you can imagine her surprise when confronted with....

these two girls!

But where are my Sasha cousins she asks?

Oh them!  Wee Edith (on the left) explains....  I left them at home today as it was MY turn to come visiting!  

So who are you?   Peggy Sue asks the other small person.

I'm Wren.  The small person tells her.   I have come to live with you, and Wee Edith is visiting.

Peggy Sue looks slightly bemused by her small visitors...


Peggy Sue gets formally introduced to her visitor Wee Edith.

Hello Peggy Sue

Pleased to meet you.

Wee Edith telling Peggy Sue all about her pony and how she feels all alone among her Sasha sisters, as she is the only one who is 'different.


Wren's arrival photos will be in another post.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Pedigree Elizabeth

I thought I would make a dress for my Pedigree Elizabeth today.

She is very pleased with it and I love the fit on her - just perfect.  

This dress is made from a pattern especially designed for Elizabeth.

She is now eagerly awaiting some shoes!

This hard plastic doll was made in the 1950s by Pedigree.  She is 'Elizabeth the Dressmaking Doll' and I think she is just lovely.  Compared to my other dolls she is so light!

Sunday, 25 January 2015


I finished sewing a dress I was making for the Sasha girls today...I had made a similar dress last year, but sold it, and wanted one to keep.  

Seems Peggy Sue had other ideas about it being for Sasha and claimed it for herself!

Giving a sneaky view of the matching pantaloons.

Wistfully looking out at the garden....too cold out there to go barefoot.

Antique look.

Of course every self respecting girl must also have an elephant if she is going to wear a dress with elephants on it!

Peggy Sue loves her elephant who is almost as old as she is.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Sewing for Schoenhuts

I received this book in the post the other day - a kind gift from Marijke in Canada and one that is very much appreciated.

I thought I would try one of the patterns....I should probably have done a mock up dress first as I discovered once made there were a few issues with the pattern which really had I thought while making up the dress I would realised and amended before cutting out and sewing up.

The cuffs were too small, so I had to undo them and put poppers on, but that is okay.  As it turns out I am not happy with the pleating - I think the pattern called for the pleats to be too wide and in future dresses I will make them closer together. 

I like how the sleeves turned out on a whole though and with the right fabric combinations I think they could look pretty good.

Peggy Sue is quite happy with the dress which is the main thing.

Can I come in now, it is freezing out here?