Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Secret Admirer?

Peggy Sue what have you got there?

A card!

Look...isn't it pretty.

Who is it from?

It doesn't say!

Perhaps you have a secret admirer Peggy Sue.

Happy Valentine's Day!

ADAD: February 8th - 14th

8:  Family

'Look! Sisters'

9:  Corner

'Look!  Book Corner'

10: Pink

11: A Wall

'Look!  Wall'

12: Paper

'Look!  Coloured Paper'

13:  Pet

'Look!  My pet dog'

14: My Happy Place

'Look!  My Happy Place with friends'

Friday, 12 February 2016

Peggy Sue, a baby and shoes.

Peggy Sue was very enthralled by this sweet baby who came visiting today - she was ever so gentle with her.

Later on though she couldn't wait to go outside to try out her new shoes...

These shoes are made for walking...

...and that's just what they will do!

I believe she is wearing them in bed tonight!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

ADAD - February 1st - 7th

1: Look! 'Drink'

2: Look! 'So Colourful'

3:  Look! 'Car'

4:  Look!  'Texture'  Fuzzy

5:  Look! Coffee

6:  Look!  'Just Now'  I try to look cute

7:  Look!  'I Ate Here'

Monday, 1 February 2016

Dog Training.

After an enjoyable afternoon walking the dogs yesterday Peggy Sue was keen to try out her dog sitting skills and obedience training on Otto her little Poodle.

She holds the stick up...Otto edges forward....'Wait'  She commands.

Otto waits, and Peggy Sue gets ready to throw the  stick.

'Fetch'  She calls out, and Otto races off to find the stick.

Didn't take long at all.

'Come'  She calls

Otto returns to Peggy Sue with the stick held in his mouth.

'Give'  Peggy Sue tells Otto.

She waits patiently...

Otto doesn't seem too keen to give the stick she asks again.


Otto gives the stick to Peggy Sue and she praises him before getting up and throwing the stick again.

I think she could be at it all afternoon!

February Already?!

Wow, February already - I am completely convinced that the older you get the faster time goes.

I have decided my doll of focus for the 'A Doll A Day' photography challenge will be Xanthe Phylica this month - she enjoys 'pointing' out things, so will be perfect for it.  I will only post the photos once a week though.   She has been getting in some practice....

Look!  Flower

Look!  Minions

Xanthe is delighted the Minions all stood in an orderly line for her.

Look!  Domos

However, she didn't have the same luck with the Domos!

What else on the agenda for this month is yet to be determined....

I hope to make Hazel Bleuette a Valentines Dress and I want to spend some more time with Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue and Henry enjoyed dog walking yesterday. It was good for them to get out in the fresh air, rather than being cooped up inside all the time.

I also need to decide who is to come with me to New Zealand later this month when I return to visit my parents.  Henry will of course come with me, and Hitty Madge and her two (possibly three visitors).  Peggy Sue is putting forward a strong case to go again as well!  Then of course the question is...what about Wren who came last year? I am not at all sure about her as well.

My poor Makies, including Wren have been much neglected of late - somehow my enthusiasm for them seems to have waned at present, but they are able to keep themselves busy it seems and I am sure they will wait until the time is right to come back into play.

Otherwise, I shall continue with my 'Doll Census' it is both enlightening, and rather shocking!

Happy February!