Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dolls for Sale

Over on my Sasha blog I have listed some dolls for sale - most are not Sasha, but there might be of something of interest...pop on over if you dare!  Please check out the other For Sale pages on that blog (tabs along the top) as I am also in the process of updating the clothing for both Sasha and Gregor as well.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Grand Line Up

The line up!  Most of these dresses will be head to USA (for an Abused Child Project) on Tuesday next week.

On my needles....

Just couldn't resist making another!

An Amazing Surprise

Yesterday evening, just after 6pm there was a knock on the door, a delivery man from Parcel Force stood there with what looked like a 'doll sized' box....I am sure you all know what I mean?  Strange though as I wasn't expecting anything so thought my husband must have ordered something for his business...However, when I looked at who it was addressed to, it had my name.

Well this had me stumped for ages as I didn't recognise the sender, it having come from the US and didn't know anyone in New York, nor did I remember giving anyone my address!  

Well what to do but open it! To my absolute amazement inside was American Girl Saige, a doll I had been admiring and wanting, but thinking there was no way I could afford her.  Who sent her was a mystery!
 I asked on Ravelry, the knitting group which probably best knows me for my enjoyment of the American Girls and knitting for them, but no joy.  I even looked up the sender's name on Facebook as it was unusual, and found the person, but still no recognition.  In the end I sent my older son a google message asking if he had by any chance sent me a doll.  

Next thing I know the phone rang (he is currently somewhere in the South Pacific on his Cruise Ship)  Yes it was him, she is was my birthday present from him, and he is sorry she was a little bit late.  No problem at all, the best of surprises!  I never ever thought one of my boys would buy me a doll!

Thank you for being the bestest son ever!  You certainly knew how to bring a smile to your Mum's face.

So the box opening re-enacted this morning (it was too dark last night)

Jess and Chrissy are excited to see what/who is inside.

The open the box to find loads of polystyrene 'popcorn'

Under which is that familiar looking coloured box that gives away what type of doll is inside!

Oh my goodness it looks like Saige, the current Girl of the Year.

Sure enough it is, how lucky am I?

Never did I realise how exciting it would be to get a doll as a gift as an adult until recent years.  This one being even more special and exciting due to the total unexpected surprise she was.

Free from the box, just need to remove the hair net, and boot protectors and label.

Here she is....just look at those cute knees!

Loving her with her hair down.

Cute freckles!

I read her story last night, and so much I can relate to when I was a child of a similar age.  I had a horse, loved animal just like her and like her friend I was (and still am) passionate about music.   

Jess and Chrissy welcome her home. 

Thank you again Steven, she is fabulous!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In a Conundrum...

I feel as if I am in a conundrum/facing a conundrum at the moment...if that is the right use for the word...going to look it up right now! Yes I think that word suits...

While in this kind of 'desperate' state of mind I currently find myself in...yet another side effect of withdrawing from the medication I was on...I have been thinking about a lot of my dolls again and feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of them.

First up some ramblings about my Kidz n Cats dolls. First thing I noticed when searching for some photos was that I haven't taken any of them this year!  Well apart from the one below of Bobby and Jacob in their matching sweaters...That is three months!  That in itself tells me something (apart from the fact that there hasn't been much outside doll play.

I have three boys, Hamish (Robby) and Bobby (Bobo) and Alistair.  Both Hamish and Bobby I love and Bobby has featured in quite a bit of my story telling with Henry and friends on my Sasha blog.  Alistair I just haven’t really bonded with and not sure I can really see myself doing so now as normally with the boys I love them straight away.  Not sure of the reason as I love his outfit, but is it because I have never really changed him out of it that I feel this way?




I have two girls Sophie (who if I am honest with myself, I probably fell in love with her because of her outfit) and Camilla (another blonde, but with a fringe and the purple ski outfit)  I ‘ve  never really done anything with these two girls.  I find myself being drawn to another – Stine – I think it is because her face reminds me of Hamish.  Do I go down this path, try another and sell on the two girls I have, or do I try with them for a bit longer.  Do I just give up on the girls?  The other two I am drawn to are Kiki – because of her darker colouring and Evita – because her face is quite different as you can see her teeth.  But I am not really convinced with those two to be honest.  I also think Laura is lovely and have seen her ‘in the flesh’ as my friend has her.



Again I had to search through last year's photos to find some I had taken of these two girls.

Why am I even thinking any of this when my mind is currently ‘unstable’ I wonder? I guess partly because I have a discount voucher to use on Evilbay and all of these four dolls are available and so I could get them at a discounted price...yet that really isn't logical.

So I am  thinking about selling on Alister (but keeping his clothes…so I guess I would have to make him something to travel to his new home in! LOL

I feel quite an unease about many of my dolls at the moment.  Not sure if it IS because of the withdrawal side effects from medication I am having, or because I am now perhaps seeing a bit clearer (or not?)

Some of the other dolls I am also thinking this way about are my two delightful Galoob Baby Face girls.  They bring a smile to my face for sure, but they just sit on the shelf...

More to come...another day....


Sometimes someone does something amazingly special and gracious.  Thank you!

All will be revealed tomorrow when the light is better....

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Final Dress in King Cole DK Splash Challenge

Finished the final dress in my King Cole DK Splash Challenge, as seen here modelled by Jess. 

Once the weather clears up...if it ever does, I will take a photo of the complete line up...which may well involve a bit of trick photography as I don't have 11 AG dolls.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day and a Birthday!

Caitlin along with Paddy (Patrick) want to wish everyone a Happy St Patrick's Day.

Anne-Marie has also dressed in green to celebrate the day.

Not only is it St Patrick's day, but our very own 'Patrick' renamed Shadow is 15 years old today.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Getting the school supplies together.

I am still not the best and will be venturing back to bed as soon as I have finished writing this post, but Peggy Sue was most insistent that I showed you her school equipment we have been getting ready.

Books, bag and ruler


Painting set and a crayon set that she has left on the floor.  I hope those pencils don't get broken, don't forget you have left them there!

All packet away in her blue leather satchel.

Fits on her back nicely.  Owen looks on rather anxious as he doesn't want Peggy Sue to go away to school.

Don't worry Owen, she tells him.  I'm not going away to school.

Really and truly?  He asks.

Well I don't think I am...  Peggy Sue thinks to herself, ever so slightly worried now Owen has put the thought into her head.

Fortunately she doesn't worry for long and during a brief spell on no rain, she goes for a ride on her tricycle.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Preparing the Music Room

Miss Olivia Ottava has been busy getting her music room ready.

The Schoenhut School of the Arts is hoping to open on 20th March 2013.

She needs to get someone to put the blackboard on the wall and she needs to find her chalk supply which she is SURE she had packed....

Miss Ottava checks out the piano and has enjoys a quick song.

The manuscript paper is ready as are the music books and she has planned her first lesson!

Reorganising Peggy Sue's rooms.

Peggy Sue's room has had a bit of a reorganisation today...wish I could sort our rooms as successfully as I do hers!

A couple of handkerchiefs and her hot water bottle on her chest at the end of her bed.

The kitchen and living room area.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Freebies - always good!

While looking around a local vintage emporium today I noticed a little chair and table on the ground outside. I asked the man what he was going to do with them and he said he had just pulled them out of the skip to put on the fire he had going, but did I want them, if so I could have them.

Yes please I said, knowing they would be perfect for Xanthe, my little Lati girl.

All that was wrong was the seat was missing a base - easily rectified.

I cut a piece of board to size and covered with a wad of stuffing and some fabric.

Xanthe inspects it...

Perfect size for her and her little friend.