Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The difference faces of Peggy Sue

The different faces of Peggy Sue

She is such a patient girl letting me fool around with her!

I keep looking at her and thinking...what do I do with you?  Leave you as you are?  Try and 'fix' a few of the things that bother me...like the mouth and perhaps a bit of her left eye (right side looking at photo)  or change completely? The side of her mouth looks a bit rough for some reason and it didn't before.  Perhaps it is because she looks 'paler' for some reason.  Maybe I will try rubbing in a bit more wax first.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Peggy Sue goes to the Rose Garden.

I took Peggy Sue out with us today - I don't usually take her out as Henry is my main travel companion, but I figured he had seen enough of the rose gardens, and I wanted to get  a real feel for Peggy Sue's new look.

This one looks pretty, I wonder if it smells as good as it looks?

Sitting by the pond side wondering what Little Owen is up to...

There he is!

I think he is playing hide and seek with you Peggy Sue.

We had to take shelter during a sudden deluge of raon.

Little Owen took shelter up a tree.  

You can come down now!

Dancing to 'That's Jazz'

Oh Owen you are a little scallywag today!

Little Owen was keen to inspect all sorts of places and plants.

Peggy Sue relaxes beside another pond and a fountain while waiting for Little Owen

So what do you think to the gardens so far Peggy Sue?

Still not sure what I think about her new look...there are lots of imperfections and things I am not happy with, but I am wary about trying to 'fix them'....

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Another Face? Plus some carving.

Peggy Sue has been rather neglected for some time and I decided it must have been due to my last paint job I did on her face.

It just wasn't right...

So off it came!

With some trepidation and my Schoenhut book in front of me...

I tried again.

Part the way through...

Still needing some touch ups I think, but leaving like this for a few days to see how Peggy Sue likes it.

Hmmm...I wonder.

Yesterday I got out my wood carving equipment and started working on a Hitty doll for a friend.

This wood is very difficult to carve so the going is slow.

In fact I may swap to some different wood.

A little progress, and then I had to call it quits as I am pacing myself in order to avoid too much pain.