Sunday, 30 September 2012

An outfit for Chrissy and a little childhood doll

Last night I finally finished the little Bolero to go with Chrissy's blue speckled skirt.

This King Cole wool is so lovely to knit with and is lovely and soft.

The skirt could have been a bit bigger...for some reason it knitted up smaller than usual.  Wondering if I missed out a few stitches and rows...but Chrissy likes it all the same.  I just told her she will have to stop eating so many pastries in the evening!

Lastly a little picture of one of the very few items I have from my early childhood before emigrating to NZ with my family.

A little Perfekta doll.  This little doll has been all around the world and also had pen drawn all over her face at one stage from my little sister.  Fortunately my mum was able to rescue her!  Most of my dolls and teddies I had to give away leave behind, but I guess she was small enough to come with us.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jacob & Percival try some clothes on

While I have been busy sorting and photographing more dolls to sell, Jacob and Percival have been rummaging around in the clothes pile to see if anything was suitable and fit them.

Jacob tried on this little jacket that must have come with a doll at some stage.

He likes that it has a pocket and doesn't mind that it does up the 'wrong' way

However....he seemed quite taken with a snazzy jumper

and enjoyed practising some 'cool' poses...

Percival on the other hand didn't have such luck, although he seems to be quite content with what he found to keep him warm...

He said it adds to his 'professor' look and will help him think.  Hmmmm......

A little while later I can hear a tap, tap, tap on the typewriter.  I seems he might be typing up one of his stories.  He is completely oblivious to Topsy and Turvy eyeing up his hair, amazed that it is so similar to theirs!

Winter Warmth.

Anne-Marie holds her dress up to show off her new winter woollies, or leggings.  They should help to keep her warm during the colder months.  Pattern taken from Richard Poppleton 1526, but altered to suit Schoenhut Miss Dolly.  I think I probably should have made the body/waist part a bit deeper which I will do with the next pair.  Now need to make sure she wears something that doesn't clash with them!

A little Vintage

While sorting through all the dolls clothes yesterday I came upon this vintage dress that I've had for a long time, not sure where I got it from.  It has never fitted any of my dolls, so I thought I would try it on Annie and it fits.  

Friday, 28 September 2012

That is far too short young lady!

My sweet little red haired Natterer girl has borrowed one a skirt from the Sasha girls as the poor thing only has a couple of dresses of her own and nothing for winter.  I've explained it is okay for inside, but she is NOT wearing it out! 

Having dressed almost all of  my Sasha girls in the Autumn/Winter clothes today has made me aware of what is still needed.  Two of the Sasha girls are currently still in their summer dresses telling me how cold it is so I am beginning a list of clothes I need to make.  Some of the Sasha girls and what they chose to wear can be seen here.

Two Autumn/Winter dresses, one each for Victoria & Monica (Sasha)

Autumn/Winter dress and/or leggings for Natterer girl - poor thing STILL doesn't have a name!

I am still working on a wardrobe for sweet Annemarie.  I have currently knitted one leg of woollen leggings and have started the second leg.  

Some more winter dresses for the Hitty girls.

I haven't even started on the boys yet, although I do think most of those will be okay.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some more sewing...

Thursday's is my quilting group day and although I have several quilts on the go, they are all waiting for either backing fabric, or for me to decided just how they are going to be quilted so I really don't want to start another until these are finished so it was a day for some more sewing!  

Anne Marie had another little dress made for her, which I will need to photograph in proper daylight, it was obviously too late in the afternoon by the time I got home for the photos to come out showing the colours and lace of the edgings.

I thought I would make her a little play dress that she could also wear her hooded sweater with on chillier days.

She seems quite pleased with it.

Quite some time ago a lady from my quilting group requested I make some clothes for her antique bisque doll.  I initially made some underwear and a dress...and then she sat there patiently waiting.  Well as I still had some fabric left over from the little pink dress I made the other day, I thought I would make one for her. I was also able to do some improvements to the way it did up at the back which I am much happier with.  I only managed to get the one photo before she was whisked off to be put out of the way.

She has such a pretty face and has been in the family for many years from new.

The clothes I made for her last year are shown below:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A new sweater and a pink rabbit

A couple of evenings ago I started knitting from one of my vintage patterns, thinking that the hooded sweater would probably be for either an American Girl doll, or a Kidz n Cats doll.  However, when I finished it today Annie had other ideas and wanted to try it on.  I'm not sure it really matches her dress, but it fits well and will definitely keep her warmer as it really is starting to cool down quite a lot!

She also discovered a little pink rabbit in the toy box that matches her dress perfectly and asked if she could have it.  Of course you can my  dear.

It was a lovely sweater to knit and the flecks in the wool added a little bit of interest.

I love this photo, she looks so taken with her 'new' rabbit.

Next to make is a pair of shoes for her!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Miss Dolly Schoenhut has a hair wash and a new dress.

In between washing and hanging out clothes I have been busy today making a pair of bloomers and a dress for my new girl.  She has also had her hair washed and then she sat in the sunshine while it dried.  Yes we have had lovely sunshine today!  Her human hair wig is nailed on so I carefully washed and conditioned it with a towel wrapped round the rest of her body.  I also gave her body a good wipe over.  There was some hair loss and it is a little sparse in places, but it is so lovely, soft and shiny now it looks and feels so much better and an awful lot cleaner!  The water was very murky indeed!

These will tide her over until I make her an underwear set like she would have worn in the early 1900s.  Certainly she will need some pantaloons as well for the colder weather.  These were made with some scraps I had been given at my quilting group by one of the ladies that goes there.  I have been given various scraps of lace, buttons and fabric and the dress is also made with fabric I have been given.

I wasn't sure how pink would look on her, or how this linen fabric would hang, but overall it is not too bad.

Oops, before I found her a longer pair of stockings.

I ended up making two belts as the first didn't fit, despite me measuring!  Not sure what went wrong there.

I washed her hair and she sat in the sun while it dried.  I finished it off with a light go over with the hair dryer.

Her hair has a lovely 'natural' wave to it.

I just need to find or make some shoes for her now.

She sits down to give her little doll a hug.

Okay, so not necessarily the prettiest doll, but I really love her.

I asked my younger son (15 year old on autistic spectrum) what I should name her yesterday.  He often has the knack of coming up with some really good names.  He thinks she should be called Anne-Marie.

So...Annie Marie

I am not sure yet, will have to see if it fits her, or if she tells me it is something else.

Oh another thing I observed about her yesterday is that her hands seem a little small for her proportions.  However I love the way she can pose and I am starting to see what she can do.

Monday, 24 September 2012

My Schoenhut Miss Dolly

After falling in love with a blogger friend's Schoenhut 'Miss Dolly', I decided I really wanted one to add to my doll collection.  I liked the fact that she is completely made of wood, china and porcelain dolls worry me as I would be scared to handle them in case they broke, and I really want my dolls to be more than just display dolls.  Of course I am supposed to be cutting down on my dolls and stopping my doll purchases, but she was bought from the US on Ebay before I had my reality check!  She has finally arrived today after a long time...stuck in customs!  Their exorbitant fees now paid she is finally home.  

First impressions are...

I'm really pleased I have her she is everything I thought she would be and more.  She feels really good in my hands and arms and has a good weight.  She requires some work, but I knew that when I bought her.  I would never have been able to afford and justify one in minty condition.  I always think wear adds character to a doll anyway, I like to think it shows how much they have been loved in the past.  She has an old replacement human hair wig that I am hoping will tidy up nicely.  I will have to read up on how to care for such a wig.  I will also have to find out how to remove some of the paint to her body as she has been poorly repainted.

My husband thinks she is horrible unfortunately, but then he is a confirmed Sasha & Gregor doll lover, although he probably wouldn't appreciate me writing that!  Of all the dolls I have had and currently have, Sasha and Gregor are the only dolls he has liked.  Henry being his favourite of course.

She is wearing a vintage nightgown, again not original to her, but it is nicely handmade and with a careful wash should come up looking lovely and crisp.  She brought her little wooden doll with her which is signed on the bottom, although I can't quite make out the signature...looks like it starts with Bob... something.

She hasn't told me her name yet, but I am sure that will come as I start to clean her up and work on her.  

I know she wouldn't be everyone's 'cup of tea', but I am really glad I have her, and she will be a keeper for sure.  I liked and admired her from when I first saw her photo on Evilbay and kept going back to look at her.  She had been the only one to really draw my eye, so I do feel like she is meant to be mine.


On another note I have been going through my doll collection like a whirl wind and been making huge and sometimes quite ruthless, often heartbreaking decisions in order to get back on track.  (in reference to my blog post over here.   Once you start it doesn't seem quite so hard and I have listed over 35 items, mostly dolls and have sold four so far.  I have put loads of photos on here of dolls for sale, most of which are on Ebay, but if you are interested in something do email me to ask any questions, or how much they are as I haven't got round to putting prices on here yet.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Making List...

I can't upload any photos at the moment as my computer is being borrowed, so instead I thought I might make a list of items I would like to make for various dolls and characters.  I will revisit this list and mark up when things have been completed, or I think of other characters/dolls that need outfits.

Topsy & Turvey (Dam Trolls) - matching outfits for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  It seems to make sense to start with Autumn.

Jacob (Littlefee) - knitted jumper for Autumn/Winter and woolly hat.

Percival (Hujoo) - trousers, shirt & jumper for Autumn/Winter.

KnC Boys - Trousers, shirt & sweater for autumn/winter

Chrissy (AG) - Autumn/Winter outfit.

Bernard (Teddy) - winter scarf.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dolls for Sale

I am selling some of my dolls, some that have been in storage for a while, some that have been out on display and some that I don't really want to part with but need to.

If anyone is interested in anything please feel free to get in contact with me, whether it is to make an offer, suggestion etc...

I have rather a large number of Tressy dolls available and have still to work out prices but will post the photos here.  I also have some 18 inch dolls, some vintage dolls and will even have some Sasha dolls available.

V Leg Tressy



Palitoy Mary Make Up



Tressy Mary Make Up with issues


Tressy Mary Make Up


Tressy Mary Make Up



Palitoy Second Edition Platinum blonde Tressy


Regal Tressy


Brunette Tressy



Blonde Sindy