Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Esmeralda and Demelza

While out today I popped into a couple of charity shops and tucked into a box right at the back on the shelf amongst a variety of other toys and things were these two wonderful handmade dolls.  Well as soon as I saw them I realised the possibilities and they had to come home with me.  Of course that means I have to add at least another two to my 're-homing' box.  

Named after a couple of hens I had as a Esmeralda and Demelza!

So much detail has gone into making them.

I think they are going to be right characters...

Oh dear it looks like Esmeralda has lost her umbrella!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A morning sewing.

I've had a lovely morning dress making for three of my girls.

I've made a dress for Lucy to match her cardigan, pictures over here on my Sasha blog.

I've made a dress for Flora which I am really pleased with as I think it suits her colouring so well.

She is also very pleased having spent so long in just her undergarments!

Of course I couldn't leave Anne-Marie out and have made her a dress, which will be perfect for many occasions including Christmas and even Valentines Day!

I made her stockings the other day out of a pair of ladies long socks.

Lots of photos, just because!

Right I better go and actually do some housework or some such chore now!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Doll Inventory - Introducing Flora

Continuing with my Doll Inventory...

I have been doing pretty well with the sorting out of my dolls.  I still have another lot that I want to try to weed down somewhat, but am starting to feel a lot more settled about the direction I am going in, and what I want to keep.  I'm not going to say this out loud, but I think Percival is going to be on the hunt out for a new home.  Of my two BJD dolls, I much prefer Jacob, I like his weight and size and the way he fits my hand, and I really only need the one.    I also have a pretty little Penny Brite (possibly clone) who will be hunting for a home, I will keep my original one (at this stage).  I really want to cut down to a number I feel comfortable with and can interact with and involve in my doll play and stories.  (I'm not counting my Sasha dolls in this lot as they come under a separate 'umbrella' at this stage and I have so far managed to sell seven of those which was very hard, although if I am really honest with myself, there is only one of those that I kind of wish I hadn't rushed into selling and miss)

This sweetheart is a keeper.  Her name is Flora and she is 'Floradora' an Armand Marseille Bisque headed doll.  She is marked on the back of her head:
Made in Germany
Armand Marseille
DRGM 246/1
A 1 1/2 M

Her arms are wooden and her body and legs are composite.

She is a relatively new edition to my doll family, but as soon as she came out of her travelling box, I just knew she would be a keeper.

She arrived in what I am thinking is quite possibly her original underwear.  Which was badly stained and needed to be soaked and washed carefully.

She is 15 inches tall.

I think she has quite a friendly approachable face (although I am sure my husband would disagree!)

Rather stocky thighs, a bit like mine are becoming with age!

She has never had any clothes made for her, so I am going to add dressing her to my 'To Do' list.

I really don't know anything about these dolls at all, and should do some research.  I'm fairly sure this doll here  where I have asked for identification is also an AM doll, having since looked at her marks.  She of course is in a sorrier state as can be seen in the photos on that blog post.  (I am a big softy when it comes to waifs and strays!)

My Doll Inventory so far...

Anne-Marie - Miss Dolly Schoenhut - 21 inches
Mabel - Roddy Walker - 10 inches
So Sweet Sandie - Galoob Baby Face No. 1
So Surprised Suzie- Galoob Baby Face No. 2
Armand Marseille - Floradora - 15 inches

Sunday, 28 October 2012

An Autumnal Dress for Anne-Marie

I also made another little dress for Anne-Marie this afternoon with some Autumnal fabric.  I had just enough!

I'm hoping to make her some shoes to match tomorrow as I was given a couple of pieces of brown leather which will be perfect for the job.

To make the colour I reversed the fabric, so the colour matched

I would have liked the sleeves longer, but unfortunately I didn't have quite enough fabric to do so.  I may add some lace on the ends, not sure yet.  Still they are perfectly okay as 3/4 length sleeves.

Round the bottom of the hem I did a leaf type stitch.  Will take a closer shot tomorrow.

Trousers for Bobby

Bobby is so much happier, he is finally out of his shorts, and not before time!  I had a little time this afternoon to make him a pair of trousers which match the cardigan I made sometime last year, which fits him really well and suits his colouring.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Anne-Marie reads Chester & Chips a story

Chester & Chips have been badgering Anne-Marie to read them a story.

Can you read us a story please Anne-Marie?

Of course I can, what would you like to hear? Little Bo Peep?

Yes please, Chester & Chips chorus.

Anne-Marie makes a start...

Little Bo-peep has lost her sheep,
And doesn't know where to find them.

Why has she lost her sheep Anne-Marie?  Chester asks.

Well perhaps she forgot to watch over them and got distracted.  Anne-Marie answers.

You mean like Chips and I do, when we are supposed to be doing something like tidying our room?  Chester ask

Well yes probably just like that, replies Anne-Marie.

Can you read us some more please?

Are you going to stop interrupting?

Look, they are coming home! Chips calls out

Yes, I was just about to read that part, sighs Anne-Marie.  Are you two going to stop chattering now?

'Leave them alone,

Why leave them alone? You just told us she shouldn't have done, Chester interrupts again.

Quiet, just listen grumbles Chip, wanting to listen to the rest of the story.

Now where was I?  asks Anne-Marie

Leaving them alone!  Chester says.

Oh yes,  'Leave them alone, and they will come home, bringing their tails behind them'.

Well that is just silly! Chester interrupts again.  Of course they are going to bring their tails behind them, they could hardly bring them in front of them now could they?

Anne-Marie just looks at him and thinks to herself that sometimes Chester is just a little bit too smart.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chester's long lost twin arrives home

If you remember a couple of days ago, Anne-Marie was explaining to Chester that he wouldn't have to wait long before his long lost twin arrived home.

Chester was so excited that he couldn't wait to get the travelling box open.

He was so excited to see a familiar face peeking out at him.

Hi there Chester

Chips!  Am I glad to see you!

How long has it been?

Oh gosh I don't know too many years for sure.

Do you know Chips I forgot your ears were different to mine....not many other differences between us apart from that!

I'm sure that was so our Mum could tell us apart when we were little.

Two cute boys reunited.  Double the trouble?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Jumping in puddles

A comment was made the other day about Jacob going outside to play in the mud puddles....well guess what he certainly took on that advice today!

Ready to stomp

and Jump!

Not as deep as he would have liked...

But still good fun.

He wants to send good wishes to his friend Emma and hopes she can see he is okay and having fun.

Now there are two

As much as love all my dolls I have been doing really well on the downsizing and have made a reasonably size chunk in my debt.  To date I have sold 44 dolls (45 items in total) so I've been doing really well.  I have succumbed a couple of times to some very cheap bargains, which I know I shouldn't have, but again they have been times of more pain that usual, so I must beware not to go on the computer then.  These have been things on my 'wish list' though, so nothing not planned for.

I think what I really need to do is a doll inventory though, and really work out which of the remaining ones are here for what purpose, display, play, enjoyment, historical reasons, or 'just because' and give those reasons a good thinking over so that I get to a place I really want to be.

I don't really have many baby dolls, not having been especially fussed about them.  I have one Galoob Baby Face 'So Surprised Suzie' who came here earlier in the year.  Although not strictly a baby, more a toddler I love her cheeky happy face and had always planned on getting a friend/sister/twin for her at some stage so when the opportunity arose last week and I saw one for a good price, well I found it hard to resist, and failed.  Anyway she arrived this morning.  She wasn't in quite as good condition as Suzie but is still lovely and with a good flannel bath she has cleaned up nicely.  I may also wash her hair at some stage, but at the moment it is fine.  So without further ado meet 'So Sweet Sandi'  Certainly Suzie seems thrilled to have a sister.

They are both wearing 'borrowed' Sasha dresses as I have been having an ongoing saga with making clothing for Suzie, but now I have the bodice size, hopefully I will be more successful in my next attempt.  The dresses are of course too long, but Suzie and Sandi thought they were fun to wear.  I was also delighted to see that they fit American Girl shoes.  I do like things that fit multiple dolls, always handy, especially with shoes!

I love their bright blue eyes.

Now these two dolls won't be companion dolls as such, but I will have fun playing with and dressing them every now and again, especially when I need some brightness and fun.

So as such I will start my doll inventory with these two.

So Surprised Suzie - Galoob Baby Face - No. 2
So Sweet Sandi - Galoob Baby Face - No. 1

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Chester talks to Anne-Marie

Is my long lost twin really coming to live here with us? Chester asks Anne-Marie

Yes Chester, they are, won't that be lovely?

Sewing, Knitting and a New Room.

Over the weekend I tried to make a dress for my Galoob Baby Face doll.  First dress didn't fit her... neither did the second, even though I went and measured her etc...not sure quite what went wrong there.  I was trying to think of a doll that the dress might fit and saw Katie Copykat sitting in the basket waiting for a new home so thought I would try the dress on her.  Success, it fits, and doesn't look too bad on her either, so I suppose that is something.

I think when I added on the hem, that was when it started getting too big, but it suits the dress I think.

Must remember to iron the dress before taking photos!  I think me throwing it down in disgust after trying it on Baby Face Sally was when it got creased.

Hamish had his jumper finished for him yesterday, this time he actually DOES get to keep this one, so he is a happy boy.

Yes Hamish, you can definitely keep this one.  I know that's what I originally said about the green sweater, but I was wrong.  However this one IS yours.


Next up, I have been thinking about a use for this bread bin that has been lurking in a local CS for weeks.  At first I thought I could use it for Hitty but it wasn't big enough.  Then I thought about my three childhood Pippa dolls, and it still it isn't big enough.  Finally I remembered....

Suzie, my little Dolly Darling!  So I took her out with me today to the CS to see if the wooden bread bin was still there.  It was, and is the perfect size!

This will be the perfect size to make her a little school room.

She inspects it, thinking a bedroom would be nicer than a school room...

Well, we have a chair!  But nothing else so far.  So this is another project to add to my ever growing list.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Two dresses for Autumn

An enjoyable morning spent sewing.  Although we don't celebrate Halloween, I made this dress with Halloween type fabric for Chrissy, seeing that she is an American Girl.

I also made an Autumn dress for Kirsten

to go with the apron/pinafore I made yesterday at my quilting group.

So that is two of my AG's dressed more warmly for this cooler weather we are now having.