Thursday, 31 January 2013

Peggy Sue's Surgery - Part Six

Peggy Sue has been sanded down and is ready for her first coat of clear matt varnish.

She feels lovely and smooth.

Unfortunately she has some scorch marks on her face that I can't sand away, but hoping that doesn't detract too much from her new look.

Playing at being a starfish while the first coat of varnish dries.

She needed a light sanding between coats 

Playing starfish after her second coat - looking much better.

Dare I start the next stage, painting her face?

A Dress for Jess

Last night I finished knitting Jess a new dress.

I wasn't sure whether the colour would suit her but it was the last ball of wool I had left of this type.

I think it is probably okay for her.

All three girls in their dresses.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Panda Quads arrive in Bramble Downs Common

Now we all know Pandas don't exist in the English countryside, so what do we have here?

Connery's wife Sandra had heard that there were some orphaned Pandas needing fostering until they could be reunited with their families in China.  Of course knowing how good Howard and Heather were with children and having heard that they have fostered before, she thought they would be just the right family to take on the Panda Quads.

They are of course delighted to be able to foster them and Howard looks on in concern hoping that they will settle in well at Bramble Downs Common as it will be quite a culture shock for them.  Fortunately though they are young and resilient, and the other children Hazel, Harry, Herbie and Hilda will make them feel very welcome.

Sandra returns home to Connery to tell him all about the successful foster placement.

Howard and Heather welcome the Panda quads, Petal, Petunia, Poppy and Primrose.

I wonder what Frida Frog will think when she sees the new members of the Hedgehog Family?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Peggy Sues Surgery - Part Five

Peggy Sue is being incredibly brave.  This is how she was left yesterday evening... Just the hard 'glue' shellac type substance, some paint and of course her eyes remain...

Head needs finer sanding and still rough behind the ears...

The hard glue substance is also on her ears

So with a resigned but brave look, Peggy Sue goes under the 'gloop' again...

Oh dear, oh dear, what HAVE I done to her?  She rather looks like she has had a rough time.

However, she is starting to look better, although still struggling to get the paint from around her eyes and mouth removed...

She certainly doesn't look as happy as she did last night.

The head is smoother and behind the ears is tidier.

Getting there with her face, just trying to think of the best thing I can use to get rid of the rest of the remaining paint around the eyes and mouth.

I have been working on her most of the day, except when I popped out to get the ingredients to make a lasagne for dinner tonight and to get some beeswax and matt varnish!

I am wondering who she will become, or whether she will stay the same.  It feels good to work with her wood, and she feels more alive because of it.  Even my husband (who hated her) said she looks so much better and can see the potential.  I am hoping that she will, but am worried about her face, although don't regret doing it.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Peggy Sue's Surgery - part four

Well I am afraid that with her body looking so much better (in my opinion) and upon closer inspection of her head and face I decided I really couldn't leave the head untouched.  It wasn't really just a matter of touching her up as so much definition has been lost by the person who repainted her.

The nostrils have all but disappeared and boy did I get a shock when I looked under her wig!

I find it incredible that someone actually repainted her and then stuck the wig on before the head had dried properly!

What a mess!

I think Shirley may have been the name of the wig, as it had stitch lines on the tag where it looks like it pulled away from the wig and stuck to her head.

Look at the hair stuck to the head and mess behind her ears.  Poor girl.

Just before the 'gloop' went on...

I am saving her eyes until last.

Her head need to dry about a bit now and I will then do some sanding and then some more stripping.

Oh dear, I hope there is some potential there!  I'm pretty sure there will be, and she will truly be all mine!

Now shall I also get her a new wig, what size, what type and whereabouts in the UK do I get one?  Will have to do some research.  Still I have time, although we want to get the school open and operational as soon as possible so she will need to be ready!

Sleeping in

I let Peggy Sue sleep in today as she is under going more surgery this afternoon...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday afternoon at Bramble Downs Common

Everyone is settling in nicely to Bramble Downs Common.

Mrs Squirrel invites Mrs Badger round for a chat and an afternoon tea which her daughter Sylvia has kindly offered to make them.  Mrs Squirrel welcomes Mrs Badger and asks how she is settling in.  She explains how Oak Hollow is to be the home of the Owl Family when they arrive, but she is allowed to say and look after the place for them.

Noah is busy cleaning the top of the River Boat while Brooke watches on chatting away about various games they could play when he has finished.

Frida Frog is busy telling Olive all about how Mrs Badger has arrived, and of course is still full of talk about the HUGE hedgehog family that she is yet to meet.

A Surprise for Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is allowed out of the 'hospital' bed for the afternoon and evening...

as she approached her bed she was surprised to see a new doll sitting on her bed.

Oh my, I haven't seen you before!

She picks the doll up...

and gives her a hug.

Is she for me?

Yes she is, you have been such a brave girl Peggy Sue.

Oh thank you so much, I love her.

Peggy Sue's Surgery - Part Three

In between battling making a photo album with photobox - just when you think they album is all finished you save it, it crashes and then you find over half the photos haven't really gone in the album!  Grrr...frustrating! I have been working on Peggy Sue.  She has been my calming focus over the last many hours including yesterday evening.

Her body is almost ready for sealing now.  Not sure whether to use a wax or linseed oil...

I'm really pleased with you she has come up 

I'm loving her little feet.

Her hands are definitely so much better!

Still some finishing touches to attend to.

Of course the question now is do I do her head & face and if so will she become someone else?