Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Marley School Uniforms

I have finally finished the four Marley School Uniforms.  

I can't say it was the most pleasurable things I have made.  

I love the skirts BUT  the jackets - not overly impressed with the design which doesn't really allow for the sleeves of the skivvies.  Black is a nightmare to sew with - so very difficult to see what you are doing, and even more so on this scale.  

I'm not too happy with the fit of the white skivvies/tops either.  Just not quite the fit I would have liked, again perhaps it is a slight variation in the fabric I used to the fabric used on the pattern, or perhaps not.  


  1. Well, to a non-seamstress, the uniforms look amazing!

  2. A tour de force of patience. Well done Lorraine, honestly you amaze me. I would have thrown them across the room trying to get the jacket on!


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