Saturday, 25 January 2014

30 Days One Object - 4, 17 - 19

17/30 & 3/52: Flowers

Hippo meets Chessie and they discover some daisies bravely trying to flower in the garden

18/30 Hi, I'm Hippo, who are you?

19/30 - What do you mean there is no sun?

Now Hippo looks like Ermintrude!


  1. Ah, Hippo. I see you are packing a sun hat for yor trip to the Antipodes! Don't forget the sun cream!
    Cute photo of you nose to nose with your big friend and just how early did those daisies decide to bloom? What a strange season it is turning into!

    1. I was amazed when I saw the daisies! We've had a right mixture of weather today plus the short but very windy storm that seemed to pass throught.


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