Thursday, 2 July 2015

Wandering with Wren: Gardens of the Rose

Such a warm day yesterday - so warm it was over 35 degrees celcius for pretty much most of the day and into the evening...still over 30 degrees at 10pm at night!

So Wren thought it was perfect sort of day to go wandering.  She chose to visit the Garden of the Rose.  

Now who is that hiding beneath the rose bush Wren?  Have you found a little companion.

Looks like you have!

Wren & Donkey admire the beautiful water lily.

Just a spot of sunning herself....don't stay there too long though Wren or you'll fry!


  1. That dress is gorgeous! And that donkey is too cute.

    You really have a brilliant way of dressing and photographing your dolls to bring out the colours in their surroundings! It's a real talent!

    1. Thank you :-) What a compliment :-)

  2. Lovely photos of Wren and donkey in the gardens of the Rose, great dress for Wren (did you make it?). Jocelyn was telling me the gardens are only open during the rose season - until 2nd August according to their website. I guess I might not make it there this year but you never know.

    1. If you join the Rose Society you can go any time of year - you just have to call before hand and they let you in.

      It is a fabulous place, I do hope you manage to go.

      Wren's dress is a vintage Sindy dress - she was rummaging around in my box of dolls clothes and found it :-)

  3. Such a cute doll, and very beautiful roses ♡ blessings friend


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