Monday, 1 February 2016

Dog Training.

After an enjoyable afternoon walking the dogs yesterday Peggy Sue was keen to try out her dog sitting skills and obedience training on Otto her little Poodle.

She holds the stick up...Otto edges forward....'Wait'  She commands.

Otto waits, and Peggy Sue gets ready to throw the  stick.

'Fetch'  She calls out, and Otto races off to find the stick.

Didn't take long at all.

'Come'  She calls

Otto returns to Peggy Sue with the stick held in his mouth.

'Give'  Peggy Sue tells Otto.

She waits patiently...

Otto doesn't seem too keen to give the stick she asks again.


Otto gives the stick to Peggy Sue and she praises him before getting up and throwing the stick again.

I think she could be at it all afternoon!


  1. wow, Otto is a fast learner!! You can come try training Sophie, Peggy Sue, but you probably know that is a hopeless situation!!

  2. Looks like Peggy Sue has Otto's training well in hand.

  3. Hope Owen hasn't had his nose put out of joint by little Otto! Love Peggy Sue's outfit, adorable!

    1. No I think Owen is okay...he knows he is very well loved by Peggy Sue. He has been quiet of late though, I think he has been hibernating!

  4. Weather is not good here in Oz at the moment for hibernating, hot sti ky weather now we are in February. I was doing some sewing yesterday and had to sit right under the air conditioner to do the hand sewing bit. Bliss!


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