Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Peggy Sue goes to a 'new' garden centre.

Peggy Sue enjoyed an outing to a new to us garden centre today.

She found a train and wanted to take it home for Henry as she was sure he would love it.

Sadly it came with a hefty price tag so it was left behind.

We did bring home a wooden wheelbarrow planter though which she helped put together.

Hopefully we will get some flowers in the next couple of days to plant in it.

We also saw some fun ideas for 'fairy gardens'

We thought we might try making one of these at some stage.  


  1. Oh Lorraine, I LOVE the train, and Peggy Sue in the Engineers seat :-) What a delightful series of pictures, and the wheelbarrow planter looks wonderful...I can see it filled with lovely flowers, and Peggy Sue helping.



    1. Isn't that train wonderful?! The price matched the heavy weight of it was around £120 !! Would have loved to have had it though sense prevailed...and a not big enough wallet. Thank you for your lovely comment, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. I agree about the train! It's amazing! I have never seen one like it. I like the wheelbarrow too. I saw a train made of logs on face book. Each "car" had a hollowed out spot for planting flowers. It was adorable and you might could make one yourself. :o)


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