Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hazel visits the Garden of the Rose

Although it has been drizzling on and off today, we decided to take a chance during a dry spell to visit the Rose Gardens near us.

Hazel was delighted to accompany me today and loved smelling and looking at all the roses.

She thought they were all so pretty.

Look at this bunch.

She takes a few moments to relax and just soak in the beauty.

She liked the water lilies.

Such pretty colours.


  1. I gasped out loud when I saw the yellow & red rose. What a beauty! Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip. It's always interesting to see one's own country through the eyes of a visitor. Hope you enjoyed your stay here.

    Teresa F.

  2. I have a rose that looks exactly like the last one shown. It is more like a wild rose, with LOTS of thorns and orange hips in the fall. But, I love the spatter of red and white with the gold stamens in the middle.

    And Hazel looks right at home among the flowers :-)




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