Thursday, 8 May 2014

30 Days of Roo: Days 9 - 16

9/30: Anyone in there?

10/30: It's raining, it's pouring.

11/30:  What is this contraption?

12/30:  Strange wildlife?

13/30 this how you get to the food?

14/30: Transportation

15/30: Are these edible?

16/30: Making friends


  1. Aw! Hi Roo, how is your friend Hippo doing?
    Tell your person I'm on holiday - a real one, not the hospital variety - and internet time is hard to come by. Haven't forgotten her and will send long email early next week.
    Jenni xxx

    1. Hippo is fine and dandy, in fact they met each other today for a stroll around the garden in the rain...Hippo didn't quite understand why Roo didn't like it though.

      Glad you are having a REAL holiday and not a hospital variety!


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