Sunday, 4 May 2014

Taking the patient out into the garden.

Peggy Sue is out in the garden taking poor Little Owen for a ride.

He is recovering from his 'Terrible Experience' of being mauled by the Chihuahua Warrior, who goes by the innocent sounding name of Percy...

Peggy Sue asks him where he would like to go.

They sit by the pond.

She spends some time giving him a cuddle and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

Where shall we go next?

They have a think...

Before heading off

I think we will got to the swing chair Little Owen, Peggy Sue tells him.

Peggy Sue has a swing while Little Owen has a sleep.


  1. Oh dear, poor Little Owen. What a good job he has our Peggy Sue to take care of him.
    As for Master Percy.... no Bonios for tea for him might make him think about the consequences of his actions..... but I doubt it!

    1. Master Percy was certainly in the dog house... Little Owen is feeling a little bit better thanks to Peggy Sue's careful attention of him.

  2. Such a sweet post...Peggy is a wonderful nurse for little Owen. Blessings dolly friend

    1. Peggy Sue is a real delight and has been taking her nursing duties very seriously.

  3. I hope poor little Owen's injuries can be healed and that he won't always have to wear bandages. Peggy Sue is being a very good nurse.

    1. Oh I am sure he won't always have to wear bandages...Peggy Sue is a very good nurse and is taking good care of him.


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