Saturday, 23 August 2014

Schoenhut Miss Dolly

A new girl has arrived to join the Schoenhut family...

This lovely Miss Dolly is 21/22 inches tall.  

She is a sweet girl.

A little bit quizzical.

She is wearing the clothes she arrived in.

Bare foot and fancy free!

She is looking forward to meeting the rest of the Schoenhut Family.


  1. Is she going to have her own name? She is pretty. Are you planning to restore her or keep her as she is? I should think she will be asking for shoes as the weather gets colder. You were so lucky to get her.

    1. Yes she will have her own name...we are currently trying to think of one! I think she will definitely be needing some shoes before very long, it is freezing! Well I think it is anyway - so much so that we finally put the heating on for a while.

      No I won't be restoring her, I will leave her as she is. I don't have enough (read any!) expertise to restore her and she is in okay condition considering her age, as long as her face doesn't chip any further.

      Yes I think I was really lucky to get her.

  2. I love her outft - very Alice in Wonderland. She's a cute little lady.
    J x

  3. It looks like someone has tried touching up her face paint in the past. If her face paint does chip further let me know, I might be able to help, though I expect you'll get plenty of advice from your group on FB about the merits or otherwise of restoration.

  4. Oh My Heavens - She is Beautiful - Congratulations on Your Lovely New Miss Dolly! ~ LuV, TiGGy


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