Thursday, 4 September 2014

ADAD - September 1 - 4

Peggy Sue wanted to take part in the photo challenge 'A Doll A Day for September' and so who am I to disappoint her.

The first four days...

1. Together - Peggy Sue and Little Owen are enjoying some time together before she has to start back at school on Monday.

2.  My name begins with....'P' for Peggy Sue of course!

3.  Lines - "if I am really careful I can walk on the lines..."

4.  Alone - Sometimes it is good to also spend some time alone contemplating, thinking or just 'being'.


  1. Hello Peggy Sue! I have missed you and am very glad to see you - and Little Owen - enjoying time in the garden.
    Jenni xx

    1. Hello Miss Jenni, I thought I better try and encourage Mum to be a bit more active on her blogs... It was nice in the garden, Dad is building a patio down by Mum's sewing studio, so she can't get in there at the moment...hopefully it will be finished soon!

    2. Well, what a good thing your Mum made all those lovely dresses for you a few weeks ago. All you need now are some new cardigans and perhaps a winter skirt and sweater set. Lucky girl!
      Is your new sister selltling in to the family now? Don't tell her, or any of the others, you will always be my favourite!
      Jenni x


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