Sunday, 28 July 2013

Another Face? Plus some carving.

Peggy Sue has been rather neglected for some time and I decided it must have been due to my last paint job I did on her face.

It just wasn't right...

So off it came!

With some trepidation and my Schoenhut book in front of me...

I tried again.

Part the way through...

Still needing some touch ups I think, but leaving like this for a few days to see how Peggy Sue likes it.

Hmmm...I wonder.

Yesterday I got out my wood carving equipment and started working on a Hitty doll for a friend.

This wood is very difficult to carve so the going is slow.

In fact I may swap to some different wood.

A little progress, and then I had to call it quits as I am pacing myself in order to avoid too much pain.


  1. Peggy Sue always looks adorable. I do like her with blue eyes, but the brown ones were also very pretty. Painting is not my forte, so I applaud you.

    Good luck with the new Hitty carving. I tried carving before and I really stink at it. LOL! I know you do great work! Your friend will love her. :o)

    1. I think I need to learn when to leave alone! But I have hardly done anything with Peggy Sue since her eyes were last painted, and although that is partly because her 'room' is now gone as it had to be moved due to a complete change around, I think part of it was due to some criticism I had received about her eyes. Not sure this is really right either, but will have to learn when to stop! Trouble is while she was sitting drying my younger son (who is 16 and should know better) dumped a load of washing on top of her...grrrr....

  2. Wow, carving a doll, I am impressed! I have been missing Peggy Sue (and Owen) glad to see her back. I like what you have done with her eyes.

  3. Oh, poor Peggy Sue! I'm sure your son meant no harm, but the one giving criticism should be ashamed! I don't understand why some people make unkind comments. Please don't listen to them!

  4. The one giving criticism was me Carolyn. I didn't mean to be unkind, so I shall attempt to explain.

    I think Peggy Sue has become, through Lorraine's wonderful posts, a nice little girl whom I feel fondness for. I was astounded at the improvements Lorraine made by stripping her old paint off, re-painting and re-wigging her.

    The previous painting of her eyes in question....while recognizing that Elise and Lorraine were going for an antique look and some antique dolls were painted with very long, abundant seemed to overwhelm the little girl personality and sweetness for me and look like make-up, even to sexualize the doll. You know how girls often start piling on the make-up at the age of 12 or so and covering up their innocence, trying to be cool? I was disappointed that Peggy Sue looked like that because I think of her as a sweet, young girl, fond of her teddy with her little bedroom and books and friends.

    Now, people can do what they want. Personal taste is just that. I do apologize for making Lorraine feel bad. I'm sure she knows best how she wants Peggy Sue to look and feel, and rightly so.

    1. Actually it wasn't you :-) and your comment didn't upset me at all. I like to take on board all comments, especially if I have asked for them. You are so right with what you have explained here.

      I generally take all criticism when I have asked for opinions, like it is meant, whether I accept such criticisms of course is up to me.

      It was a much harsher personal email criticism that I received...but again it was meant for the good, not rudely. I think both yours and the other comment sat there for quite some time in the back of my mind and what I had done didn't rest easy with just needed the time. Again I have to confess I have taken Elisa's lead - I have no other example to go by and I find her work inspiring and encouraging. I don't feel my work is any where on her level. Peggy Sue (and my two Hitty girls, Patience and Madge) are the ONLY painting I have ever done of any description and I am rather harsh on myself anyway.

      Of course I am probably still no closer to what I want - but if I don't really know what I want or how I am going to doing, then achieving it is going to be nigh on impossible!

      I took Peggy Sue out today and have taken quite a few shots of her to try and get a feel of what she is like now. I have had a couple of offers for two people to repaint her, but I don't really know quite what I want so I feel I can't expect them to be able to do it if I can't explain what I am looking for.

      Gosh hope this makes sense!

  5. jjbks, Thanks for explaining. I understand what you meant. Sometimes, people leave ugly comments. I'm glad your's was not. There are lots of nice bloggers, but there's always a few that try to ruin it for others. I appreciate your honest critique and the respectful way you presented it.

    Lorraine, I'm not a painter either, so I know how you feel. I just painted my second Hitty and I had to do her face over several times. She is still not the greatest, but I'm going to leave well enough alone. I hope you will eventually figure out what you want for Peggy Sue and achieve it. hugs!


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