Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The difference faces of Peggy Sue

The different faces of Peggy Sue

She is such a patient girl letting me fool around with her!

I keep looking at her and thinking...what do I do with you?  Leave you as you are?  Try and 'fix' a few of the things that bother me...like the mouth and perhaps a bit of her left eye (right side looking at photo)  or change completely? The side of her mouth looks a bit rough for some reason and it didn't before.  Perhaps it is because she looks 'paler' for some reason.  Maybe I will try rubbing in a bit more wax first.


  1. Take your time and give it lots of thought. I rush into things too easily and I always pay for it later. Maybe Peggy Sue will tell you what she wants in time.

    One thing you can do that might help, google Schoenhut images and just look at all the various dolls and how their eyes look. Save the photos you like best for future reference.

  2. I did the same with a Gregor I fixed myself. DH calls him Confused Dot Com because he finally came out with a slightly puzzled expression (oh for the skill of Shelly Baxter!!). I began to worry that he wasn't perfect and repainted him several times, but then I left him with his puzzled look and it has become part of him. We wouldn't change him now.
    I suggest taking your time, get to know her current look - or any future cosmetic surgery she has - and see if that becomes the real Peggy Sue in your mind before working on her again. Ask yourself if she is in a better condition than when she came to live with you and, had she had her current look given to her by somebody else, would you have wanted to change it? I found that, had somebody else painted Gruffydd (the Gregor) the way he looks now, I'd have been happy with him. It is just that I don't think my work is good enough - lack of belief in my own ability, which holds true in many areas of my life.


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