Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Doll

Introducing Elle, my Christmas present from my husband (who also named her)  

There were quite a few issues with her, putting a slight damper on her arrival, which I am currently taking up with the seller which I am hoping will be addressed,  but will discuss later depending on what sort of response I get if I get any! 

However, she is lovely and on a whole I am very happy with her.  She photographs beautifully.


  1. Oh, Lorraine, Elle is beautiful. I hope whatever issues she has aren't serious and are quickly resolved. What a kind gift from your hubby. I think it's cute that he even named her. She looks delighted to be joining your other kidz n cats dolls (all dressed so adorably) in the next post. Happy Boxing Day! =)

  2. What a sweet gift! She is so pretty! I hope the issues can be worked out.


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