Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Peggy Sue reclaims HER bedroom & the arrival of Myrtle!

Peggy Sue is relieved to have 'her' bedroom back now the Sailor has gone back to college.  She couldn't wait to set up a little nativity set on her little bedroom table.

I'm surprised Little Owen isn't helping her...I wonder what he was up to?  Perhaps he had spied some cream cakes!

She checks that they are all there.  A couple of shepherds and their sheep, three wise men bearing gifts and of course the little manger with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

I bought a little curiosity on Evilbay the other day and she arrived today.  I bought her because she was listed as having a wooden head, and well wooden dolls interest me a lot and she cost under £5.  It turns out her head isn't wooden unfortunately, and yes I am a little disappointed about this as I may not have bid on her if I had known.  She has the following written on her back.

She is indeed handmade, but this writing looks so clear and fresh as if it was written yesterday, not 44 years ago.  Were people still being giving names like Myrtle in 1969?   I would be very surprised!  So is this genuine or not I wonder?  She is definitely handmade, and very well made.

She had a set of cotton underwear on under he dress.

She is obviously going to be called Myrtle...what else would be suitable really?

She actually has 'real' lashes...although difficult to see in this photo.

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  1. I think Myrtle is a lovely and pretty doll. If the writing was covered up then there would be no reason for it to fade, so perhaps she is old.


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