Tuesday, 23 December 2014

ADAD - December: 11 - 23

11: Something Red

12: Skyline

13 Much loved

I recently sold my Pukifee and realised once I had sent her off, I sent the wrong bear with her....so poor Poppy has been devastated at the loss of her little friend, but with sweet whispers in her ear, she now has another much loved friend.

12: Drink

15:  Super  - Warm!

Poppy is super warm in her new knitted outfit.

16:  Beautiful.....flowers

17: Sunshine....where has it gone?

18: Sign...Oh yummy!

19:  Something to be happy about.

It being dry enough to go for a ride.

20: Food

21:  This is interesting....and FUN!

22:  Tis the Season

23: Tree

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