Wednesday, 31 December 2014

ADAD - December: 24 - 31

24: Colour

25: Celebration - Would you like one?

26:  Animal

27: I like....Strawberry Tart

28: Book - Which shall I choose to read next?

29:  I need less of this - being hurt by people I thought were friends

30: Us

31: My Best Part of 2014

So in review, I decided to use Poppy my little Lati Lami BJD as my doll for the December photo a day project so I could ascertain whether she was indeed a 'keeper', having recently sold my other three BJDs.  I am still no closer to really knowing the answer....she is sweet and cute, but I do find her a little hard to pose in comparison to my larger the moment we will just wait and see...perhaps she will decide to move on...perhaps she will decide to stay.

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