Wednesday, 10 December 2014

ADAD - December: 1 - 10

Having recently been working on downsizing my doll collection, I sold three of my four BJDs.   I couldn't quite bring myself to sell Poppy though and thought to make sure she is a 'keeper' I would spend the month with her doing the 'A Doll a Day' photo challenge. 

The first 10 days are below.

1.  Fruit

2. Grass

3. Pop!  Giggle....

4. Free   If you love something set it free...

5.  Me!

6. Joy is.....cuddling a friend

7. Weekends are for....playing with toys and riding your horse.

8.  Simple Pleasure....reading a good book

9. Decoration

10.  Closed door....hmm...this closed door has no handle!

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  1. Oh yes, you must always keep dolls named Poppy! I am not keen on BJDs but this little girl is sweet, I love her red hair.

    My Poppy doll (formerly Les Cheries Capucine) is a keeper too.


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