Friday, 25 April 2014

30 Days of Roo - Days 1 - 4

I decided it was about time to do another 30 Days One Object series and as we have recently been to Australia, thought it quite appropriate that Roo should feature.

1/30  Roo

2/30  What are these?

Roo, hasn't seen daisies before...all she has seen is dry desert so rather surprised by the little round objects on the green stuff.

3/30  Standing on one leg:  

What do you mean I am cheating by using my tail to balance?  You must be imagining things!

4/30 Grey Sky?

Hmmm...Roo is confused, the sky is grey and the air is very damp and rather miserable...what is the meaning of this, she is used to large expanses of blue sky and warmth to laze around in!

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