Sunday, 13 April 2014

Welcoming Ivy!

Well my birthday came and went while I was in New Zealand and as such I didn't receive any birthday presents...this didn't worry me too much as I was lucky enough to go there to visit my parents.  My sister cooked a lovely birthday meal for us which was very special indeed.  I wasn't really intending on getting any dolls this year unless something came up on my wish list - and I wasn't going to actively look for any.  Well while having a browse on Evilbay for some American Girl dungarees - I am always hopeful some will become available in the UK, I saw Ivy Ling for sale and well as I have been wanting her for a long time AND she was in the UK I didn't hesitate and as such she is a belated birthday present to myself...  The seller was local so I went and collected her this morning AND had a lovely chat with a fellow doll collector.

As new in box.

Removing the lid.

Wearing some of her accessories

Gorgeous girl!

She didn't disappoint and I am delighted with her.

Being 'reunited with her best friend Julie

Julie was so surprised to see her and welcomed her with much enthusiasm.

The girls embrace

They start chatting immediately


  1. Happy birthday and congratulations on getting Ivy! What exactly are dungarees, in the UK?

    1. Ah, I think they are called 'Kit's Overalls Outfit' ;-)


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