Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Peggy Sue goes looking for Little Owen.

Peggy Sue has heard that Henry's little Trojan teddy bear may have gone missing in action...and she is very concerned about Little Owen as she hasn't seen him days, weeks, months!  Or so it seems to her.  

She asks the Radio Flyer crew if they have seen Little Owen.

They all look rather vague...

Well let me think...says one...um, now where was he?

Over there...says another pointing in yet another vague manner.

Perhaps Bomber knows.  Peggy Sue thinks to herself.  

Have you seen Little Owen?  She asks.

He is about this tall...

She hopes Little Owen hasn't been eaten.

Have you seen Little Owen?  She asks Mr Cool Dude Kiwi Bear.

Well, now, man, I mean little girl, I think, well, um...no.  Perhaps out in the garden?

Peggy Sue looks for him in the garden.

She looks up.

Have you seen Little Owen?  She asks

Little Owen.  She calls out

Where are you?


I wonder if he is in here?

Do you think he might be in here?  She asks.

Hello!  Anyone in there?

Oh dear sadly it seems Peggy Sue has had no joy.  Feeling rather downhearted she wanders away.

A little while later...

Hello Little Girl, whatever is the matter?

Who, sob, are you? sob  Peggy Sue asks between tears.

Well now I am Gordon Golly and I can solve all your tears and fears. The stranger tells her.

Can you?  Peggy Sue asks doubtfully.

Why yes of course I can, now tell me what is the matter, why are you crying so?

I can't find Little Owen, my teddy bear friend.  I have looked EVERYWHERE for him.  Peggy Sue tells Gordon Golly.  Do you think you can find him Mr Gordon Golly?

Why naturally.  I will find him in a jiffy and before you know it he will be back by your side.  Without further ado, Gordon Golly was gone.

I wonder...Peggy Sue thinks to herself.  Did I really see someone, or was it just my imagination?  Where oh where is Little Owen.  

Peggy Sue feels a little tap on her shoulder and turns expecting to see Gordon Golly again.

But to her surprise it is Little Owen.

Oh my!  She gasps.

Is it really you?  She asks.

Of course it is me.  Little Owen replies.

He gives Peggy Sue a little kiss on the cheeks.

I'm sorry to have worried you so.  He tells her.

Oh Little Owen, I am so glad to see you, I thought you had gone!

She gives him a big hug and tells him she is never going to let him out of her sight again.

I love you Little Owen.


  1. Aw! So glad he turned up. But what of Gordon Golly? Where is he? And is he a Robin Reeves? He's very smart.

    1. Gordon Golly is made by Robin Rive's daughter Brigitte and arrived late last year. He is rather a smart, although rather mysterious fellow.

  2. Leave it to Peggy Sue to be so touched and worried about little Owen and I'm so glad he turned up! Are you going to let the cat out of the bag and tell us where he was hiding himself? Although Bomber looks like a very good boy, I was a bit concerned Little Owen may had accidentally become a chew-toy.

    1. Ah yes, it seems that due to the wet and cold weather Little Owen had decided to go into hibernation...a very rare occurrence for a bear such as he, but something he deemed necessary. He had planned to wake up at the same time as Peggy Sue woke up after her sleep, but well time seemed to run away from him and before he knew it several weeks had past.


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