Thursday, 12 June 2014

Peggy Sue is found out in the garden....the scheming continues.

Henry finds Peggy Sue out in the garden with all the babies...

What are you doing?  Henry asks Peggy Sue

Practising.  Peggy Sue answers Henry.

Practising what?  Asks Henry.

Why, baby sitting of course.  Peggy Sue tells him as if he should automatically know.

But why?  A very puzzled Henry asks.

Well because I need to show that I am really profishent...good at it.  She tells him.

But anyone can babysit!  Just look they will do exactly what I say... Henry says with ever such a slight scoffing sound to his voice.

Ginger George has other things more interesting on his mind..

Well it doesn't look like they are ALL doing EXACTLY has you say!  Peggy Sue informs him.

Just look Ginger George is completely distracted.  Watch me... attention, would you like me to tell you all a story and then play with you?

All heads turn and look at Peggy Sue

But that is cheating! Henry tells Peggy Sue.

No it is not.  It is called focussing their attention...I heard Mum say something about how important it was to make sure the focus was on you before you try and get something done.  Or at least I think that is what she said.  Peggy Sue explains.

Hi there Georgie, there's a good boy.  Do you want me to lift you up?  Peggy Sue asks.

Henry talks to Amelia and Isaac...  It's just because he has red hair like Rory...

Shall I help you?  Peggy Sue gives some attention to Ginger George who seems rather taken by her.

 A little while later...

You really are determined aren't you Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

Yes, and why shouldn't I be?  You can't have ALL the fun you know. Says Peggy  Sue.

I want to see the world as well.

Henry looks intently at Peggy Sue, not quite sure what to think of this very determined little girl.

Peggy Sue and Henry continue their discussion while the babies play.

Sometime later, after Peggy Sue has taken the babies back inside, her and Henry are seen to be still deep in discussion.

So what do you think?  How possible do you think it will be?  Peggy Sue asks Henry

I really don't know Peggy Sue. It is a after all a 'Sasha Festival'   Henry tries to explain.

Yes but as Auntie Jenni pointed out technically you aren't a Sasha either, you are a Gregor!  Peggy Sue exclaims.

Yes, but we are made from the same mold, it is just some of us became boys and some girls...  Henry starts to broach dangerous ground with this comment.

But how? The all inquisitive Peggy Sue asks.

Well, I don't know...I think you had better ask Mum about things like that!  Henry mutters...

Oh I see...  Peggy Sue says, although she doesn't really understand...

Anyway, she also said um, that you were a lot heavier than us! Henry comes up with what he thinks is a trump reply!  Even more dangerous ground Henry!

Yeah, but I am not!  Besides, it is not polite to talk about a girls weight like that.  Retorts Peggy Sue.

Henry looks a little confused.

I won't take up much room...I'll only need about this much space on the plane...

See, just about as wide as my body, so I can sit down..

We could sit together Henry, what do you think?  After all we are a very similar height and size.

There, it is settled then... Peggy Sue states.

Henry looks a bit bewildered by it all...he is still smiling though, as he is convinced she won't be allowed to go....


  1. Hmmm! Poor you Lorraine, what will you do?! It is so difficult to decide to take one child and leave another behind. But who would care for the left behind babies if Peggy Sue goes to America? (that sounds like the title of a book!).
    I don't envy you, trying to deal with this and get ready as well!
    Jenni x

    1. Oh it is a right dilemma I can tell you! I am hopeless at making decisions and choosing. I still have to choose which baby to take and so far I am failing at that! Let alone worrying about the fact Peggy Sue wants to come and how that will go down at the Sasha Festival! lol

  2. The Sasha folk will love Peggy Sue especially if she babysits. There, I am not helping am I as I know she will need to go in hand luggage, or share Henry's bag.

  3. When Gracie leaves one doll at home it usually is under the guise of "you have to stay home and watch the babies". I'm not sure what to tell Peggy Sue if she intends to go and mind the babies!


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