Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Peggy Sue is working at becoming Indispensable!

So if Mum sees how good I am with the babies, maybe THEN she will let me go to the Sasha Festival...after all technically speaking Henry isn't a Sasha he is a Gregor! (Thanks Aunty Jenni for letting me know that fact!)  Plus there is a special baby night, so she will NEED me won't she?

Would you like me to push you Amelia? 

 There you go, isn't that fun. Now which of you little munchkins are going to the Festival? 

WHAT'S that Alfie?! Both of you...

Oh I don't think so! 

I think Mum is still trying to decide which of you to take. 


  1. Oh, yes. I knew it would be best to bring Peggy Sue along! She can be very helpful and it looks like the babies love her. :)

    1. Indeed, that is what Peggy Sue is saying...

  2. I was going to comment yesterday on how nice Peggy Sue looks in that dress and colour, but I thought today that it was worth telling you that a lot of doll people, including the Sasha people, must follow Peggy Sue on this blog, and thus would appreciate meeting her in person.

    The only reservation I have is of theft at the show since she is an antique. Didn't some poor lady have her Sasha doll stolen last year? I seem to remember that.

    Anyway, it sounds like fun to have her there.

    1. Oh thank you for your kind comments about Peggy Sue. I never know how many people actually read my ramblings! I don't remember anyone having a doll stolen last year. I know some things were stolen at the 2012 Festival.

      I am just not sure how well she will really go down if I were to take her, but I have to confess I do feel a strong draw to wanting to take her.

  3. Hi Peggy Sue,
    Just a quick message before Mam comes back and sees me on the computer.
    Keep at it, you may get to the Festival yet, though I'm not sure why you want to go as I like being at home or at yout house most of all.
    Have you tried the 'would you like a cup of tea, Mum' angle yet? If you do, put the best biscuits on a pretty plate, milk in a jug and tea in a pot - no plonking down an old mug with a teabag floating in it because that won't work.
    Then there's the helping with the dishes without being asked trick, but make sure you LOOK as though you think nobody will see you but that your Mum actually DOES see you.
    Oh, and try the going off to bed early so Mum and Dad can have peace and quiet trick too, but make sure they know that you are being noble and doing it for their benefit and not just because you want to read in bed.
    Good luck and send us a postcard if you get there.
    Emrys xx
    PS James says that he got to come to your house by mentioning his desire to come just once and then walking around with an 'I'm nobly giving my place up to my brother, aren't I a selfless little saint' look on his face. He says to tell you it worked very well for him as grown ups do a good deal of feeling guilty and trying to be fair.

    1. Oh wow Emrys, you have some good ideas...I can make tea, so that sounds like just the thing to do, especially as Mum likes drinking tea...trouble is I haven't ever seen her put milk in it. She says she drinks green tea, but it doesn't look green to me, it just looks like tea without milk... I can help with the dishes I think. I have helped Dad clean the wheels on his car before, so I am sure I can clean dishes okay. Now going to bed early... hmmm...I think that is what I always do. I have never been allowed to stay up late anyway. But I will go without grumbling.

      So that is how James got to come here! I wondered...thing is I hardly got to see you as I seem to have been banished when the Sailor dismantled my bedroom. I don't really understand what happened but think I must have gone into some kind of doll sleep for a while...but when Mum realised...I think she must have seen my 'little saint' look as you call it, she felt guilty. So maybe I AM in with a chance.

      Oh and why do I want? Well that is easy, I want to see the world!


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