Sunday, 15 June 2014

Peggy Sue's trump card!

Henry has been helping Amelia pack...

...Peggy Sue strolls along and puts a case down...

What are you doing with that case Peggy Sue?  Henry asks.

Why, these are my things to go to the Sasha Festival of course.  She answers him.

But (and here Henry thinks he is playing a trump card)  you can't go, because not only are you NOT a Sasha, but you don't have a passport!  He proudly informs her.

Ta da!  Oh but I do!  Peggy Sue says, pulling her hand from behind her back holding a passport.

Henry is shocked.  How did you manage to get that?  He asks.

Oh well, it is like this...  Peggy Sue starts to explain how with the help of another wooden of more mature years, she managed to get a passport.

So you see, it is quite simple.  Peggy Sue continues.  There is nothing stopping me now.

Amelia crawls over to find out what is going on.

Yes Amelia, I can come as well, is that what you would like?  Peggy Sue asks her.

Looks like Amelia is happy for Peggy Sue to go...  as Henry thinks about it, still stunned by Peggy Sue's trump card, a passport, he is beginning to think Peggy Sue could be quite useful looking after baby Amelia, and thus freeing him up somewhat.


  1. YES! YES! YES!
    Or will somebody else cause Peggy Sue's plan fail at the last minute???
    Oh, dear! I HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING TO DO!! This is beginning to take over all my waking thoughts. Will Cinderel xxx erm Peggy Sue go to the baxxx erm..Sasha Festival?
    Well, I can't go, so I need her to be my proxy.
    Jenni xx

    1. Ha ha ha! I wonder just what WILL happen? I am sure Peggy Sue would be more than happy to be your proxy :-)

  2. A cliffhanger! We're really enjoying this storyline. Can't wait to see what happens!! :-)

    1. She does seem to be on the ball here doesn't she? Only time will tell now.

  3. I'm hoping that Peggy Sue can go and that she makes lots of Sasha friends. (By the way she looks great in blue gingham.)

    1. Oh thank you Linda, Peggy Sue will be delighted to know you think she looks great in Blue Gingham...she hasn't taken the dress off since she found it...I don't she is going to chance it!

  4. Your post are such a pleasure to read and enjoy. What a lovely little book they would make. The babies are just adorable.Blessings friend

  5. I'm dying from the suspense of wondering whether Peggy Sue gets to attend the festival!


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