Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Very Special Doll Indeed.

A post about a very special doll, that will always remain with me and will hopefully be passed down the generations to come.  

Since he first started posting progress photos on Facebook and on his website,  I have been following the creative process of Jonathan Paul Hayes (Jonny)  the artist behind 'Nini Dolls'.  Since I very first saw them I have been completely and utterly enthralled by the whole process and fallen in love with all of Jonny's amazing dolls.  As such I have been putting funds aside for when the time came I could purchase one.

'Lost at the Fair' 

As soon as I saw her first pictures on Facebook and his website I knew she would be the one and thoroughly enjoyed watching all the stages from his original concept sketch design, the making of her head, painting it, adding the hair, designing and making her clothes - all handmade by Jonny himself with either vintage or natural fabrics and fibres.  

Imagine my delight when he brought her to the Sasha Celebration Weekend  and I could see her in person.

A tantalising glimpse of a little girl watching...

A front view...deep in thought.

She joined us for the Saturday night dinner.

She really was perfect.  

Not long after the festival when the final funds had been saved....

A box arrives...  Peggy Sue spots it...

...and listens carefully.

Henry, she says, I think someone is inside!

Peggy Sue very carefully cuts open the tape that is holding the travel box together.

They open the box...

Ooh look more wrapping.

Henry starts on one corner

Peggy Sue the other

She carefully undoes the tape

They pull the wrapping off 

Ooh Peggy Sue gasps!

Oh I know who this might be. Henry says.

Who?  Peggy Sue says

I think it might be that lovely girl we met at the Festival.  Henry says....or at least I met her on Saturday night.

The fabulous box.

Really?  Peggy Sue gasps

We must let her out of the box!

They carefully remove the lid and fold back the tissue paper.

They look down as the girl looks up at them...they untie her from her safety ribbons.

She sits up...

Hello, she says.

Hi, welcome.  They say together.

Does this mean I am not 'Lost at the Fair' anymore?  She asks them.

That's right. Henry tells her.  You have a forever home with us now.

It doesn't take her long to explore the garden.

The flowers make a pretty back drop for her.

Just standing and thinking how lucky she is.

Later on she reads a book bought especially for her. 

Totally absorbed in the story...

...a friend comes to join her and she reads out loud so they can both enjoy it.

At the moment both these girls are waiting for their very special names.  In the meantime 'Lost at the Fair' is known as Jonelle (a feminine form of Jonathan (Jonny) which I thought was quite apt - after her talented creator),

I feel very privileged to have been able to welcome this doll into my home.  She will be a true treasure and heirloom.  Jonny's dolls are amazing and his attention to detail second to none.  Her clothes are simply wonderful with some extra special details on her underwear made from vintage materials.  She is a real delight indeed.  Lovely presentation and packaging as well.  To view Jonny's photos of her creation click here.

Thank you so much Jonny for letting her come to live with me and for sharing your amazing creative processes - I will continue to follow with interest.

Jonny's Nini Facebook page can be found here and his website here.


  1. I love the enchanting way you have welcomed your doll to her new home and have just discovered Jonnys dolls myself. I look forward to seeing if she remains a Jonelle as she settles in.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Jonny's dolls really are something aren't they? Do you have one?

  2. YAY! You got her! how wonderful. We enjoyed meeting her at the celebration weekend and you wisely kept quiet about saving up for her.

    1. I did indeed, I feel so lucky to have her, she is such a treasure.

  3. Oh wow, she's lovely!

    I think I'm going to spend the rest of my evening reading through the gallery on the Nini site now... :)

    1. I am so late in responding to these comments, I hope you had fun drooling over the Nini gallery!

  4. Congrats! She is wonderful! So is her little cloth friend! I can tell you are going to enjoy having these sweet girls around. Enjoyed your post and photos. So very sweet!

  5. It is easy to see how you fell in love with this doll...I think Henry is half in love with her already :-)

    A delightful way to share your new doll with us.



    1. I think Henry was very smitten with her indeed. She is gorgeous.

  6. Oh my! What a special doll and certainly one to treasure.

  7. Congratulations! Coincidentally, today I sent an enquiry email to Jonny. I am so happy for your family.

    1. Thank you, it is a joy to have her. Jonny's dolls really are amazing works of art.


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