Thursday, 30 June 2016

They call me 'Mellow Yellow'

Although her name is 'Sunshine'

Finishing a couple of projects that have been on the 'back burner' for a while - to keep being creative.

I have been wanting a 'sunshine yellow' Makie for as long as I have known you could dye Makies I guess....but never had one suitable to dye or that I wanted to until fairly recently when I sorted through them yet again and selected one for the plunge!

This girl was the victim to be....  

I found some dye locally....and took her to pieces and cleaned her up.

The dye didn't work!  So I perused good ol' Amazon and bought 'next day delivery' as I am impatient some Rit dye which I was told will work.

This is the colour I used.

Very unscientifically I added the salt...then realised it said to add vinegar for thought that would be better and gaily added some white wine vinegar (which was all I had) to the mix. 

It seemed to do the trick!

Here she is.

Miss Sunshine 

I am hoping she will work her magic and bring us some sunshine that lasts more than an hour or so!

Trying wig on for size...she is actually hoping for a bright blue one.

First dress made - colours of nature.


  1. The Makies are so beguiling. I didn't know you could dye them. She's super adorable!

    1. They are quite fun - I took Wren to the Festival in Texas last year.

      Loving the colour!

  2. That dye really took well - nice work! I think that yellow really suits her. :)

    1. Really pleased with the colour thank you! I have three different wigs coming for her - hopefully one will suit!


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