Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Rediscovering my childhood Perfekta doll.  Time for her to no longer be 'not quite forgotten but definitely neglected.

I have shown this little doll a couple of times on my blog.  She has been with me since the late sixties and travelled the world - but not as a tourist, just 'in transit'  It is time for her to come into her own and get out and about!

She has no clothes except this little dress that I found for her about four years ago.  I have no idea what happened to her original clothing - I can only ever remember her being without clothes.

Today I tried on one of the little Xanthe's dresses (my little Ai Jun Planning doll) and was delighted to see it fitted her, so I will make her some of her own.

She needs a full wardrobe, underwear, clothes and shoes and will be my next project.

Poor little thing also needs a name.

I am sure she looks happier already knowing that she is about to experience life again.

My Autumnal Challenge is to make her a wardrobe to be proud of.


  1. She is very cute! I have nothing from my childhood. I wish I did. What a sweet little blessing she is!

    With her white/platinum hair, she looks like a Sylvie or Sylvia to me. :o)

  2. This is my favourite thing--bringing old dolls back to life. I did quite a bit with a baby doll I had that was without clothes--cleaned her, got her shoes, and made her a knit blankie and quilt and bed sheets and a pillow, but the clothes sizing has defeated me so far.

    I have a sewing pattern for a larger baby doll but the dolls today are fatter so even sizing it I made the Little Kina sweater for her and had to modify it 3 times to get it to fit better, and still haven't made it in a good yarn.

    These old dolls are hard to deal with, but doesn't your doll look pretty with that lovely knit dress on? Don't forget, you can borrow a baby name book from the library and see if something strikes you.


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