Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Small Doll

Some of my Flickr friends have been making Ann Wood Dolls... at their encouragement I decided to download the pattern and make one as well.

Her arm is a little wonky!  I might undo it and and see if I can get it to match the other side.  I stitched a little heart on her chest and I might embroider a little flower on her bottom.  Her bloomers are made from a vintage handkerchief.

I fussed around with her hair a bit more until I was happier with it,  She has a little camisole also made with the same vintage handkerchief.

This is the back of her hair - I decided to leave a bit long.

Yes I think I am going to have to redo her arm!

She has a little smock dress

With an apron over the top.

She is enjoying the sunshine in the garden

I think I am going to call her Lucy... after Lucy she fits in my pocket!

Edited to add:  Renamed Heather by Hazel Bleuette who claimed her.

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  1. She is perfectly delightful, Lorraine! I love her vintage underpinnings, and the lace you used to make them extra special.

    And her hair is quite elegant. Lucy is a sweetheart; so glad you joined the fun :-)




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