Friday, 16 September 2016

Needing a Nurse?

A new 'wooden' has joined the family here at Rose Cottage.  Having been thinking about it for several months and loving wooden dolls, I decided to take the plunge as no one else had.

Below are her three 'arrival' photographs

She is a Rudolf Schneider Bébé Tout En Bois (All wooden doll) dressed in a WW1 Nurse uniform.  The uniform is beautiful made and even includes a little handkerchief tucked behind her apron.
Her clothes are currently soaking in our equivalent of Oxy (I hope it works as well as that does!)  to remove the stains.

She is in amazing condition and has a lovely face.

I wish I could find out more information about these dolls

She dates from around the early 1900s from what I can tell and from what her seller told me.

This is her body.  She is strung with elastic, I don't know if this is how they were originally strung.

Detail work on her cupped hand and fingers.

Her petticoat which is possibly original cleaned up beautifully and I did a couple of light repairs on the fragile fabric.

This was the before it was washed photo of the apron (seller's photo)   I was really surprised how well it washed as it was very dirty and quite stiff.

The dress also washed well.

Her little pocket handkerchief tucked in the folds of her dress.

Apron - unfortunately the rust stain near the bottom wouldn't come out.

With her bonnet (probably added later and certainly not the same fabric as the nurses uniform.

Her slightly cupped hands means she can carry something - I will have to make her a little medical bag.

You would hardly believe her head is made from wood!

If anyone knows anything about these dolls, please let me know as I would love to know more about her.


  1. She is remarkable, Lorraine. How tall is she?

    She has such a kind and caring expression on her face; just what I want to see in a nurse :-)



  2. She really does look like a nurse - like a friendly matron! I think she is stunning and the uniform is really quite a find. Congratulations on such a great new doll in your collection.


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