Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Percival goes for a ride in the car

Yesterday we had to go on a bit of a journey in the car and Percival wanted to come along.  As Henry had decided to stay at home I said it was okay for Percival to travel with us as long as he behaved.  Well as he likes thinking a lot, I didn't think he would be too much trouble.


He sits back comfortably to begin the journey and gets himself in thinking mode.


I'm not sure if that position is such a good idea Percival.  What?  It helps you think better?  Well if you say so.


Oops!  Now I thought that might happen when we turned a corner.


Hi, I can see you!   Do that again!  He calls out.


Now that looks like a safer position.

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  1. LOL! Very cute! I think he really likes the one on one attention!


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