Friday, 1 November 2013

1st November!

I've been planning various projects - some perhaps realistic - some perhaps not.

Things I would like to make over the next couple of months - in time for Christmas.

A knitted Christmas dress for Peggy Sue.

Two knitted Duffle Coats - one for Amy (Purple) & one for Camille  (probably pink).

Christmas dresses for some of the American Girls - I need to pick two or three dolls to focus on...will probably be Chrissy, Saige and Kaya.

Secret Santa Swap KnC - I have some ideas, now need to get working on them!

Finish making a little wardrobe for my purple haired knitted doll....starting with the nightgown tonight.

Make a cloth doll.

A pair of undies and camisole were made yesterday for this little girl.

My next 'One Object 30 Days' is going to be 'Samson' the bull terrier.

 A childhood toy - I remember taking this to school when I was around the age of 5 years (wouldn't have been any older as it was in England at the time) and I lost the baby on the way to school.   My Mum had to go back to look for it.  Fortunately she found it and they have been together ever since!

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  1. I love your little travel dolls. Your story about your kangaroos is so sweet. I am glad you still have them. And Samson should make a good 30 day photo study. Hopefully he doesn't chew up glasses =)


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