Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Delphine, my Fiona McDonald Travelling Doll

You will probably remember this little girl (A Fiona McDonald Travel Doll) I made the other day...

She now has a name, Delphine

Some underwear - a camisole and panties

A nightgown and shawl

A skirt and top

A little pair of shoes to go with the skirt and top

A dress and another pair of shoes.

The patterns for the underwear, nightgown, skirt and top (camisole) can be found on Beth's blog - a very talented lady who crochets and knits dolls, which incidentally are AMAZING!  

The dress is a pattern from Ravelry 'Mini Molly's Christmas Dress, 2012 by Hazel Rose Spencer.  I used Cygnet DK and number 11 & 12 (UK) needles.   The shoes are a pattern also on Ravelry 'Little Shoes' by Brackenz Kraft.

She has been a fun little project and is now just awaiting on a cardigan.

I am going to make another, with a special idea in mind...


  1. She's so adorable! Your pictures absolutely make her come alive with spunk and personality. I love all the little outfits, too, although I'm especially partial to the pink dress! I have some stylecraft dk and I'll have to look up what UK 11 & 12 needles are in the US. She looks so sweet!

    1. Ah, thank you for admiring Delphine. Size 11 is 3mm (no US size?) and size 12 is 2.75mm (size 2 US) hope this helps.


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