Saturday, 23 November 2013

The alarm goes off early...

The alarm wakes Peggy Sue up early.  Little Owen had set it last night without her knowing....not sure she is too impressed!

What's the alarm gone off so early for?  She asks.  It is too early to get up!

You must get up Peggy Sue, it is going to be a special day today...come on up you get.  Little Owen tries his hardest to persuade her to get up.

Oh it is too early.  Peggy Sue groans.

That may be so sweet Peggy Sue, but look what a lovely day it is.  Little Owen assures her.

Why you so cheery this morning?  She ask him.

Oh I just am. Little Owen tells her.  Come on, put your dressing gown on.

A short while later.

Well are you just going to sit there?  He asks.

Well what else shall I do this early?  She retorts.

Have you little cup of tea of course!  Owen says.

Oh!  How did this get here?  Peggy Sue asks startled.

You've been day dreaming again...  didn't you notice it being brought to you?  Little Owen says patiently.  Come on drink up, lots to do this morning, have breakfast get dressed.  Don't you know what day it is?

I think Little Owen is going to have his work cut out for him this morning...trying to get Peggy Sue ready for her surprise birthday party!

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